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Untruth . Untruth are a Heavy Metal band from the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne, Australia. Drawing influence from artists such as In Flames, Machine Head, Mors Principium Est, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and The Black Dahlia Murder to name a few, they are certainly a band to keep an eye on as they continue to build a solid following.

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Minibikes are a band from Melbourne, Australia. Members of the band are:
<a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Marcel Borrack</a> (Guitar and Vocals)
Al Barden (Drums)
Libby Chow (Keyboard and Vocals)
Nathan Farrelly (Bass and Vocals).
Rob Mackenzie is an occasional contributor on guitar. Libby Chow has worked with <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Clare Bowditch</a>, as a member of <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set</a>, while <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Marcel Borrack</a> has released two albums under his own name. Links:
Minibikes website: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Training Day

There are two bands named "Training Day" 1.Training Day is a Punk Band from Pinneberg, near Hamburg, Germany. 2. Training Day is a hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia formed in 2009.

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Life and Limb

Comprised of members of Brisk, I Exist, Moments, Repo Man etc, This band represents a break in our past musical styles. Life & Limb is the place where we come to express our novel curiosity for vocoders, organs, Billy Cobham and 'new wave' music...

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Sub Atari Knives

A Melbourne band formed in 2011, featuring Hugo Tremayne on vocals (formerly of K-Oscillate), Nick Adams on bass (formerly of Mammal) and Ben Ellingworth on drums (formerly of MM9). Tags: 
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