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Dead Boomers

Melbourne, Australia noise duo comprising of Mark Groves and Leith Thomas. Brutal power electronics, grunt vocals and fun time bass rumble. Tags: 
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The Snowdroppers

The Snowdroppers came together in the third quarter of 2007, a group of fucked up misfits and STD carriers with one thing in common; the desire to introduce the blues to a new generation of fans. Realising they were in fact four clean-limbed honkeys, they decided to mix things up a little, which seemed to work in their favour, as their first ever show drew 1300 paying audience members. Of the 1300, only half asked for their money back – thanks in part...

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Pear And The Awkward Orchestra

Sweet juicy and unique, Pear and the Awkward Orchestra are a quirky, memorable musical offering; whimsical folkpoproots from a mini-orchestra of diverse instrumentation and sparse arrangements supporting an emotive and powerful voice and gritty, personal songs. Pear and the Awkward Orchestra are Brisbane-based. EP Russian Doll, released end 2007, has enjoyed critical acclaim and regular airplay and orchestrated the grassroots rise of this unique band. Tags: 
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Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight is a multi-talented classic rock and metal DJ and performer as well as an inspirational style icon and writer. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Follow on Twitter</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Add on Facebook</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Official site</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Merch store</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Subscribe to newsletter</a> On tour with <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Lady Gaga</a> on the 'Born This Way Ball' 2012 in New Zealand, Australia, & Europe: <a href="" rel="nofollow">all dates</a>. Lady Starlight oozes a unique blend of style and substance. She is a rabid record collector and scholar of rock history who uses fashion as a means of expressing her love for music. Tags: 
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Mensah (full name Mensah Anderson), is a producer from Bristol, UK. Bringing to bass music what he likes to call "Future Funk" (though he is not a fan of labeling music), he's been combining his influences from Rave, Grime and Dubstep to produce anything from an upbeat purple sound to a darker, heavier bass. With one release on LoDubs Records so far, he has a release with No Hats No Hoods coming in January 2010 and multiple releases with H.E.N.C.H. expected to drop in March 2010. Tags: 


“It’s not too bold a statement to say goodbyemotel are one of the finest indie rock bands currently plying their trade.” Inpress Magazine. goodbyemotel have just finished recording their new EP "Wish Your Way”. It was recorded and produced by Julian Mendelsohn, who has worked with greats such as Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, INXS and Jimmy Page. The recording experience was amazing and produced four new tracks. Tags: 
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Great Earthquake

One man band Noah Symons from Melbourne, Australia. Noah Symons is an visual artist and musician, who in his musical performance utilises a number of instruments to create soundscapes, organically built up in time, with a strong emphasis on rhythm. As a visual artist Noah makes drawings, video, paintings, and photography all with an emphasis on the body's relationship to things (through notations, annotations, make-making, etc.

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Bryce Dessner

Bryce Dessner is one of the guitarists of The National. Apart from his work with this band he also composed a few classical works and an EP dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. Tags: 
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