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Boy in a Box

Tobias Priddle grew up playing music on the east coast of NSW.
After playing in a string of bands through high school he finally settled into a band called The Inheritors.
There he played countless shows around Sydney and the Central Coast and ended up touring with a bunch of great bands up and down the East Coast..
After deciding that he needed a break from music for a while he packed up shop and relocated to Melbourne to build a studio for a good friend.

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I am Duckeye

I Am Duckeye are a Melbourne rock band, featuring members of Sydonia. Their style could be described as stoner rock/metal, with an emphasis on humour in their lyrics and live performances. The members of the band are:
Sam Haycroft (vocals, guitar) (also in Sydonia)
Matt Haycroft (guitar) (also in Chico Flash)
Julian Medor (bass) (also in Dirty F)
Sean Bailey (also in Sydonia) Tags: 
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The Vulpine

The Vulpine is a local based Melbourne band that specialises in alternate rock. Ranging from ballady to all out rock, this 4 piece outfit can shift from the quietest chord to the loudest riff with harmonic excellence. Each member has had years of musical experience, having played gigs ranging from the Hi-Fi bar to the Locker room. Even though the band has only recently formed, each member brings their own experience and technical achievement to complete the band’s complex and moody style.

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the holy soul

Storms through your ears and kicks the furniture around in your brain. Mad, sad and bad in a very good way – Daily Telegraph The Holy Soul are led by Trent Marden (guitar and vocals) who is currently backed by Sam Worrad (bass), Jon Hunter (Guitar) & Kate Wilson (drums). Their first ep 'Love Ha Left The City Limits' featuring Tim Malfroy (guitar) and Owen Penglis (drums) was desperate and raw collection of swampy cassette recordings of songs about life beyond the reaches of city limits (Bowral)...

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Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is an Australian musician and stand-up comedian. Originally becoming famous as the drummer for Australian thrash metal band Slaughter Lord, Hughes moved to the UK in 2002 to begin his work in stand-up. Following successful Edinburgh festival appearances, Hughes has firmly established himself as a raconteur, basing much of his act around his heavy metal past. Tags: 
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Caitlin Park

Caitlin Park is an electro-acoustic folk artist from Sydney, Australia. Her music is highly influenced by nostalgia for older films (and their soundtracks) which developed through her work at a cult video store. A year of constant shows during 2009 included supports for PONY UP, The Devoted Few, Laura Jean, Leader Cheetah, McKisko, The Paper Scissors, Kat Frankie, The Dead Sea, Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann, Jack Ladder and more. Tags: 
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