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I am Duckeye

I Am Duckeye are a Melbourne rock band, featuring members of Sydonia. Their style could be described as stoner rock/metal, with an emphasis on humour in their lyrics and live performances. The members of the band are:
Sam Haycroft (vocals, guitar) (also in Sydonia)
Matt Haycroft (guitar) (also in Chico Flash)
Julian Medor (bass) (also in Dirty F)
Sean Bailey (also in Sydonia) Tags: 
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There are at least 3 artists with the name Rosie: 1.Rosie is a hard rock band from the Netherlands, which plays new songs in the style of AC/DC. Their latest CD, "What the Fuck, Let's Rock" was released November 27, 2007. 2. Rosie was an Ohio-based hard rock band that featured current Bob Seger (and ex-The Godz) guitarist Mark Chatfield. They released a self-titled EP in 1981, the album "Precious Metal" in 1982, and "Rosie Live" in 1988.

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Jackson McLaren

Jackson Bard McLaren was born well after many of the classic albums that first inspired him were released. His parents raised him in the small Victorian country town of Warrnambool on a steady diet consisting of the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. This musical baptism fuelled his early passion for music, and set him apart from most of the other kids in town who were more focused on footy than on music, poetry or literature. Tags: 
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Ben Salter

Young, journeyman musician from Brisbane, Australia, Ben Salter has been touring Australia and overseas nonstop in various outfits for the past decade. Known for his booming voice and literate lyrics, Salter's first solo album, The Cat was produced by Gareth Liddiard and Robert F Cranny. Tags: 
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Sianna Lee

Sianna Lee is an Australian alternative artist who was the driving force behind Melbourne band Love Outside Andromeda. Since her band has been put on permanent hiatus she's kept herself busy exploring the fringe boundaries where bands fear to tread with her debut release "Phoenix Propeller" .

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For Our Hero

For Our Hero is an unsigned pop rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed two years ago and have recently released their debut EP 'Threw the Looking-Glass'. Taplin brothers Jay, on vocals and Beau who writes the band's lyrics, Dave Tran and Leon Blair on guitar, while Geoff Taylor and Nax Vee complete the six piece band, play bass and drums. With pitch perfect melodies, beats and rythym as rocking as they come, lyrics as witty and fresh as the song names, For Our Hero's sound is sure to get anyone up jumping and dancing.

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