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They grey up in Cairns now they have a drummer. Sydney Uni Baseball Club are great supporters. Sydney Uni Baseball Club was established in 1904, one of the oldest and most traditional clubs in Australia.

Carmen Townsend

From her website "Growing up on Cape Breton Island, Carmen’s love affair with music began early. By age six she was locking herself in her dad’s Chevy and singing along to The Doors. Experimentation with piano and guitar soon led to formal lessons while the discovery at age fourteen of the talents of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Blind Melon and Nirvana unearthed an obsession with innovative vocal styles. Solo performances at variety shows eventually lead to a gig as lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player for indie pop quartet Q. Tags: 
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Lamexcuse (Australian) - Punk / Rock Epitomizing the distinctive melodic hardcore that saw ‘90s punk rock ignite into a music cult genre, Lamexcuse is forging a pathway through the alternative rock scene. This high-energy quartet hailing from Australia’s Capital has fashioned an original voice in an ever-evolving industry of new alternative talent. With a unique approach to song writing and ever increasing musicianship...

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Joel Gion

Joel Gion is best known for his impeccable tambourine work for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Tags: 
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Jackson Firebird

Jackson Firebird are an explosive two piece Aussie Rock outfit spawned from the small country town of Mildura, Northern Victoria. The rock duo consists of fat guitar, distorted vocals, hard hitting drums and the unconventional sounds of a miked-up, upside-down “bottle bin”. Formed in 2006, Jackson Firebird have not only built a strong following on home soil but have captivated audiences from Adelaide to Melbourne, supporting such acts as Tim Rogers, Airborne, Little Birdie, The Fumes and The Screaming Jets just to name a few. Tags: 
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Kid Crème

Nicolas Scaravilli was born to an Italian family in Brussels in 1974. It was clear from an early age he was heading straight for a life in music. Nico's formative years were spent learning to spin hip-hop and studying music theory & classic piano. After he was expelled from music college in 1991, he decided to set up his own home studio inspired mainly by the London breakbeat scene. At 19 he met Francis Shabard (DJ Murvin Jay) who introduced him to house music and together they secured DJ residencies at Club XXX, the first house club night in Brussels at the legendary Theatre of Vaudeville.

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Oscar + Martin

Phoenix, ashes, you know the story. Formerly members of Melbourne art-pop weirdos Psuche, Oscar Thorne and Martin King continue their former bands' sonic voraciousness (drum machines, synthesizers, children’s toys and Thorn’s tape loop experimentation), but add a swishy, concise pop sensibility and some hot new beats into the mix. The result: joy x1million.

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