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Sydney based dj/producer. Armed with a unique ear, deep collection and the skill for combining diverse sounds edseven has built a reputation as one of Sydney's premier freestyle selectors. Production wise edseven's musical scope and influences are evident as he writes everything from off kilter hip hop to broken dancefloor business. Production credits include a digital 12" on Straightup Recordings, remix work for Knowfoowl records artists Rephrase, Cookin' on 3 Burners and Unique records artist dj Regal(Bronx Dogs/Wiseguys member).

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Tomas Ford

Crowds start staring at Tomás Ford before he even drops a beat. He enters, resplendent in sequins, black denim and sparkling make-up. He shakes hands with the crowd, says some polite greetings and makes some small talk. Then he's all over the room. It's sudden; the music's changed... it’s an unusual combination of electro, glam and punk, but it’s definitely got you in a party mood. He’s a fun and disorienting showman, pogo'ing all over the venue, pulling jazz dance moves, launching himself onto unsuspecting crowd members and generally pushing everyone's boundaries. Tags: 
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A duo featuring Ben Andrews (guitar) and Rohan Rebeiro (drums), both better known as members of My Disco. Tags: 
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Amanda Merdzan

Amanda Merdzan is a singer/songwriter, from Perth -Australia, with a 'heart-on-sleeve/indie/folk' style that sends her songs bursting with raw honesty and emotion. With a strong emphasis on lyrics, her stories are told sparing no intimate details, taking you to the core of her content. Amanda Merdzan started writing, as the front-woman, for her former band, who launched their EP in 2007, playing to over 300 people at their launch.

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The Warm Jets

Formed in 1995 by Louis Jones (vox/guitars), Paul Noble (guitar/keyboards) and Craig 'Ed' Grimshaw (drums/keyboards) 'The Warm Jets' were a post-Britpop indie rock band. The band's debut (and only) album 'Future Signs' was released to critical acclaim in 1998. Despite scoring two modest Top 40 hits ('Hurricane' and 'Never Never') the band were dropped by Island Records and disbanded shortly afterwards with little fanfare.

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