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Auckland, New Zealand native Zoe Fleury (aka since 2010 Zowie’s) tender years belie a formidable fascination for pop in all its varying forms. Born into a musical family, she specialized in drums from age eleven, then studying a Diploma in Contemporary Music majoring in Drums in her hometown. Her passion for beats, along with her encyclopedic enthusiasm for all things pop has witnessed Zoe master vocals, guitar and programming along with her drumming skills.

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I am Duckeye

I Am Duckeye are a Melbourne rock band, featuring members of Sydonia. Their style could be described as stoner rock/metal, with an emphasis on humour in their lyrics and live performances. The members of the band are:
Sam Haycroft (vocals, guitar) (also in Sydonia)
Matt Haycroft (guitar) (also in Chico Flash)
Julian Medor (bass) (also in Dirty F)
Sean Bailey (also in Sydonia) Tags: 
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Collard Greens and Gravy

Formed in Melbourne in 1995, Collard Greens and Gravy quickly established themselves as one of the country's leading blues acts with their unique style of stripped down swamp blues. Performing a mix of original material and covers by Mississippi blues artists such as R.L Burnside, T Model Ford and Fred McDowell, the band have created a sound which saw them win the 2001 ARIA award for best blues and roots CD. Tags: 
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Vegas Kings

...undoutably one of Australia's best (and loudest) live acts"... Rave Magazine (Live Review)
An ear-splitting, guitar drenched, grimy swamp, bleeding fingers, stomach wrenching, writhing, kicking, moaning, foot stomping all blues, all booze, short fuse three piece band from Brisbane, Australia. Vegas Kings have just released their second album - "DEAD MONEY". The album was produced by Chet Weise from American garage blues legends The Immortal Lee County Killers and engineered by Loki Lockwood of Spooky Records.

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John Butler

John Butler (born 1 April 1975) is an American-Australian musician. He is the frontman of the John Butler Trio, a band that has achieved two platinum records in Australia with Three and Living 2001-2002. Butler is known around the town of Fremantle, Western Australia as the "Million Dollar Hippie" due to his extravagant lifestyle and penchant for Moet champagne. Born to an Australian father and an American mother in Torrance, California, USA, he and his family migrated to Australia on 26 January 1986.

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If you want your electro rock dirty, with an industrial edge and a lick of pop then you want Felinedown.
Compared to Kidney Thieves (US), NIN, Curve, Garbage, Goldfrapp, The Prodigy, Jackalope and the Sneakerpimps –they offer something a little different and a little darker than your average Indie band.
Hard dance drums, raw guitars, throbbing bass, filthy synth lines and a female vocalist with a sound like honey poured over broken glass..Felinedown is set to seduce you!

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