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A rock/alternative 4-piece from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Now equipped with an EP and fresh faces. Tags: 
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Chris Poulsen Trio

In March 2004, drummer Trent Bryson-Dean sat in on a gig with a jazz band called SCAT. He was very quickly impressed with the playing of Chris Poulsen (Fender Rhodes) that day and vowed to Chris and bassist Jeremy O’Connor that he would book a gig for the trio as soon as he possibly could.
True to his word, Trent was able to secure a gig at the Brisbane Powerhouse five months later in August. (With great wisdom he chose to name the group Chris Poulsen Trio rather than name the group after himself – a mere drummer!) The gig proved to be a great success...

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Green Street

Green Street is a hip-hop/jazz group, consisting of emcee A-live, and producer Renaissance. Originally from Boston, MA and now residing in Brooklyn, NY, they are always trying to push the boundaries of hip-hop music. By using everything from samples to live instrumentation, Green Street brings back the sound from the Native Toungues-era while still keeping it fresh and relevant for today’s audience.

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Diger Rokwell

Sri Diger is launching the 29th of July at The Bird. “We Are All Related’ available on I TUNES. The 2 times WAMI nominated, Diger Rokwell is the chameleon of Perth creative scene. As co-founder of influential crew The Community. His four self-released albums Digstrumentals, The Earthhead, Digerbodia and We Are All Related are an intercultural mix of global sounds, spoken word, heavy drums, driving bass, and spaced out sonics and have already garnered him rave reviews and earned him a reputation as one of Perth’s most prolific beat music producer.

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Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight is a multi-talented classic rock and metal DJ and performer as well as an inspirational style icon and writer. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Follow on Twitter</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Add on Facebook</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Official site</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Merch store</a> | <a href="" rel="nofollow">Subscribe to newsletter</a> On tour with <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Lady Gaga</a> on the 'Born This Way Ball' 2012 in New Zealand, Australia, & Europe: <a href="" rel="nofollow">all dates</a>. Lady Starlight oozes a unique blend of style and substance. She is a rabid record collector and scholar of rock history who uses fashion as a means of expressing her love for music. Tags: 
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Generation Gap

Generation Gap(1995 -1996) was the old band of Alex Band(it was his second band) and Aaron Kamin(both from The Calling) when they began playing together. The band consisted of Alex Band(15), Aaron Kamin(19), a 58 year old drummer and a 40 year old bassguitarist. The huge difference in ages obviously was the reason for the bandname.
When Alex Band and Aaron Kamin got a record deal with RCA Records, the band split up. The Demo Cd consisted of 5 tracks;
1. Stigmatized
2. Stolen Youth
3. Sunday

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spitfireliar are a brisbane based hardcore punk rock band who pride themselves on their energetic live shows, probably best described as 'alcohol infused punk rock'. they recently released their debut 7 track e.p. which was recorded with jeff lovejoy @ black box studios in brisbane and mastered at the blasting room by jason livermore and bill stevenson (decendents, all, black flag). some of the tracks can be heard here, and the cd is available at live shows for $10. Tags: 
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With a dedicated love of melodic pop-rock, Celadore’s approach to their debut EP Distance Is A Gun was all about the songs. “Our songs are drawn from personal experience. Distance Is A Gun is the title track and strangely enough was the last song that we worked on prior to recording. We had already started pre-production when Coops brought in a rough demo. With its catchy pulse and crashing chorus, it was the way the relatively bleak and defeated lyrics sat with the upbeat energy of the melody that stood out.” – Celadore

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