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Freya Hanly

Traversing a sea of folky-jazz melodies, country ballads, humorous love songs and deeply poetic, classically influenced pieces is Freya Hanly. Freya has established herself in the Australian independent music community as a seasoned performer., having extensively toured WA and the East coast as well as being a regular at some top Australian festivals. Freya has supported and performed alongside such artists as The Indigo Girls, Deborah Conway, Lior, Sarah Storer, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Whitlams, Clare Bowditch, Blue King Brown and Brandi Carlile.

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Soft Power

Soft Power are <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Mary Timony</a> of <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Helium</a>, T.J. Lipple of <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Aloha</a>, Jonah R. Takagi and Winston H. Yu As of June 5, 2009, they have two songs available to listen to on their myspace site (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>).

The Warm Jets

Formed in 1995 by Louis Jones (vox/guitars), Paul Noble (guitar/keyboards) and Craig 'Ed' Grimshaw (drums/keyboards) 'The Warm Jets' were a post-Britpop indie rock band. The band's debut (and only) album 'Future Signs' was released to critical acclaim in 1998. Despite scoring two modest Top 40 hits ('Hurricane' and 'Never Never') the band were dropped by Island Records and disbanded shortly afterwards with little fanfare.

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From the very outset of dance culture, and right up to the present day, Brendan Collins, AKA DJ / Producer Futurebound, has steadily developed an almost unsurpassable reputation for tearing up dancefloors on a worldwide scale. Whether he’s destroying venues such as Fabric, Chibuku Shake Shake and Accelerated Culture, or in the studio, you know what you’re getting with ‘the sounds of the Futurebound’.

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Matt Joe Gow

Matt Joe Gow grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand. A town on the south east coast famous for its independent music scene. Dunedin is sited on land which gives visual evidence of the natural forces and ravaging elements which formed and shaped it. Land and the elements, a common theme in country music and a firm platform for Joe Gow's heartfelt lyrical approach. He began piano lessons at an early age and continued through to his teens where piano gave way to guitar.

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Slava Grigoryan

Slava Grigoryan is an Australian classical guitarist and recording artist. He was born in 1976 in Kazakhstan but his family emigrated to Australia in 1981 and he was raised in Melbourne. His father was a professional violinist and Grigoryan began to study guitar with him at the age of seven. By the age of twelve he was already performing professionally and he made his solo debut in Sydney at fourteen.

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Minds are a defunct power pop/punk rock band. They got sweaty. Members have gone on to form The Flip Tops and Thought Patterns. They released a full length called "Plastic Girls" on Alien Snatch records, and a 7" before breaking up.