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Mr. Maps

Mr. Maps are a five-piece instrumental rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Since their inception in 2007, Mr. Maps have quickly earned a reputation for transcendental live performances showcasing complex layers of bass, drums and guitar lifted by lush piano and cello, and punctuated by electronic glitches and tones. Mr. Maps’ compositions are experimental and meticulous with an air of optimism and beauty, blending math-rock with elements of New York post-classical and electronics.

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Amanda Merdzan

Amanda Merdzan is a singer/songwriter, from Perth -Australia, with a 'heart-on-sleeve/indie/folk' style that sends her songs bursting with raw honesty and emotion. With a strong emphasis on lyrics, her stories are told sparing no intimate details, taking you to the core of her content. Amanda Merdzan started writing, as the front-woman, for her former band, who launched their EP in 2007, playing to over 300 people at their launch.

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London (UK) band REVERE incorporate violin, cello, keys, trumpet and harp into a guitar-led sound, touching on numerous musical reference points, combining elements of gypsy marches, klezmer, post rock, film scores and gospel into a truly unique sound. Live, REVERE play with an unparalleled intensity, working songs from music-box soft openings into relentless walls of sound shot through with a show-stopping falsetto. --------------------------- "An extraordinary widescreen technicolor epic of a song...a stunning single by a stunning band..."