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Great Earthquake

One man band Noah Symons from Melbourne, Australia. Noah Symons is an visual artist and musician, who in his musical performance utilises a number of instruments to create soundscapes, organically built up in time, with a strong emphasis on rhythm. As a visual artist Noah makes drawings, video, paintings, and photography all with an emphasis on the body's relationship to things (through notations, annotations, make-making, etc.

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Ranger Spacey

Ranger Spacey are a four piece Alternative Folk Rock n Roll band from Sydney, Australia. Ranger Spacey's debut E.P. titled World O' Wire was released in 2009. They are currently recording their second release. Tags: 
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Charles Baby

Charles Baby sings songs that he believes are sent to him by supreme beings that are trapped underground. Though he also believes these beings will one day break free and wreak a fiery vengeance on this world, he is happy until then to pay homage to them in song. He has opened has career by supporting Tim Rogers, Ash Grunwald and Kate Miller Heidke. Although he tells people he sounds like Bob Dylan and Radiohead, in truth, his Australian accent is much stronger than either of theirs. Genre: Indie, Roots Tags: 
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Diger Rokwell

Sri Diger is launching the 29th of July at The Bird. “We Are All Related’ available on I TUNES. The 2 times WAMI nominated, Diger Rokwell is the chameleon of Perth creative scene. As co-founder of influential crew The Community. His four self-released albums Digstrumentals, The Earthhead, Digerbodia and We Are All Related are an intercultural mix of global sounds, spoken word, heavy drums, driving bass, and spaced out sonics and have already garnered him rave reviews and earned him a reputation as one of Perth’s most prolific beat music producer.

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The Devilrock Four

The Devilrock Four formed in Melbourne in May 2003 but didn't really hit their stride until the addition of Bass player Jimi Richardson in February 2005. Tags: 
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Jon Watts

A recording artist since 2001, Jon Watts’ eight years of experimentation with self-produced live-instrument hip hop has paid off. From the first twanging jawharp tones on the title track of to the raw, polyrhythmic Moroccan drumming on the hidden track, Jon’s expertise at layering instruments, rhythms and poetic meanings provide the listener with a dense and flowing journey to travel and unravel with glee on Jon's self-taught, self-produced, self-recorded, self-written, self-pressed and self-promoted project - "The Art of Fully Being".

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