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Tom Fun Orchestra

Born somewhere in the north Atlantic on a large fishing vessel, Tom's mother was an Austrian gypsy who had disguised herself as a male deck-hand in order to board the ship and create a new life on the other side. Her identity was revealed when she went into labour and shortly after Tom's birth was forced to walk the plank. Tom was taken ashore by an aging sailor named Whisky Gibbons who deposited him at a brothel on the edge of a small town somewhere outside of anywhere.

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The Charge

There is more than one band with the name The Charge. The Charge were formed in 2004 with the original lineup of Tom Leech on the rythm guitar, Steve Remy - Lead Guitar, Chris Bagshaw - Bass Guitar, Jimmy Finch - Drums with only Steve having played before. After 2 years of jamming, 3 drummers and a new lead singer The Charge were offered their first gig at Piper Club. With Pete "the meat" Bartley filling in on drums, The Charge drew a big crowd and suprised alot of people with their impressive set. Tags: 
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The Devilrock Four

The Devilrock Four formed in Melbourne in May 2003 but didn't really hit their stride until the addition of Bass player Jimi Richardson in February 2005. Tags: 
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The Snowdroppers

The Snowdroppers came together in the third quarter of 2007, a group of fucked up misfits and STD carriers with one thing in common; the desire to introduce the blues to a new generation of fans. Realising they were in fact four clean-limbed honkeys, they decided to mix things up a little, which seemed to work in their favour, as their first ever show drew 1300 paying audience members. Of the 1300, only half asked for their money back – thanks in part...

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Sub Atari Knives

A Melbourne band formed in 2011, featuring Hugo Tremayne on vocals (formerly of K-Oscillate), Nick Adams on bass (formerly of Mammal) and Ben Ellingworth on drums (formerly of MM9). Tags: 
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