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McKisko is the name used by Australian singer-songwriter Helen Franzmann. Her first album, 'Glorio' was released in 2009 to national acclaim. She received the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship for song writing in 2009. She has played with jose gonzales, bon iver, tom cooney and juana molina. Tags: 
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Caitlin Park

Caitlin Park is an electro-acoustic folk artist from Sydney, Australia. Her music is highly influenced by nostalgia for older films (and their soundtracks) which developed through her work at a cult video store. A year of constant shows during 2009 included supports for PONY UP, The Devoted Few, Laura Jean, Leader Cheetah, McKisko, The Paper Scissors, Kat Frankie, The Dead Sea, Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann, Jack Ladder and more. Tags: 
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Hardcore band
from, Shelton, Hamden,
United States Pissed Off Connecticut Hardcore. They have played with such bands as Death Threat, Terror, Ramallah, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Hope Conspiracy, Doomriders, Ignite, Down To Nothing, Comeback Kid, Pale Horse, Black My Heart, Death Before Dishonor, Sinking Ships, Modern Life Is War, Guns Up, Shipwreck, and First Blood just to name a few. Be on the look out for a East Coast Winter Tour.
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Nacional are a relaxing indie band from Glasgow not to be confused with The National. They formed in November 2006. They are on the Leeds label Art Goes Pop. Band members are Robert Armstrong, Jamie Hamilton, Michael O’Hara, Jonny McGiffen and Colin Healy. Tags: 


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