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Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is an Australian musician and stand-up comedian. Originally becoming famous as the drummer for Australian thrash metal band Slaughter Lord, Hughes moved to the UK in 2002 to begin his work in stand-up. Following successful Edinburgh festival appearances, Hughes has firmly established himself as a raconteur, basing much of his act around his heavy metal past. Tags: 
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Midlands based Drumsound (Andy Wright & Ben Wiggett), alongside partner in crime, Simon 'Bassline' Smith, are without doubt one of the leading heavyweight dj / production duo’s in the world of drum ’n’ bass… Its sometimes overlooked, but over the last ten years, its true to say, this dynamic duo are one of the only artists 'ever in drum & bass history' to have had releases on nearly all of the world's leading d'n'b labels..... Grooverider's - prototype recordings

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Mensah (full name Mensah Anderson), is a producer from Bristol, UK. Bringing to bass music what he likes to call "Future Funk" (though he is not a fan of labeling music), he's been combining his influences from Rave, Grime and Dubstep to produce anything from an upbeat purple sound to a darker, heavier bass. With one release on LoDubs Records so far, he has a release with No Hats No Hoods coming in January 2010 and multiple releases with H.E.N.C.H. expected to drop in March 2010. Tags: 

Yacht Club DJs

Yacht Club Djs are Gareth Harrison and Guy Chappell - Lawrence. The pair met at Ballarat's Karova Lounge a few years ago and somewhere along the line (and probably after a few too many beers) started making mashups. Since their incarnation and a massive stint pushing disks to indie kids in melbourne the duo decided to take their live show more seriously and took on the festival and touring circuit after successful performances at the Meredith Music Festival and Falls Festival in late 2008. 2009 has seen them tour Victoria and NSW, with brief jaunts up to QLD as well. Tags: 
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The Afterparty

Adelaide trio The Afterparty formed in early 2009 with the collaboration between Brad Gilbertson (In Fiction), Lachlan Higgs and Lee Norman (formally of the digital music production group, The Metronicle). The Afterparty incorporate atmospheric soundscapes and a minimalist approach with hard hitting rock choruses to tell short stories about the complications and ironies of life as a human being.

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Neon Love

Neon Love originated from the dark depths of Ballarats sweet ass music community. Over the past two and a half years Neon Love have developed their repertoire of music through adapting different genres of music and various cliche'd teenage life experiences like girls, parties, no doze, cough meds, sneaking out late at night, holding hands, love and lust and all that lame stuff. They have trashed their equipment at various notable snobby private schools and copped a lot of sh*t from a certain w*nker named Toff (apparently a joy division fan, but cant take it when some one convulses on stage).

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