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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) an alias of DJ and producer Robert Collado
2) an American indie/alternative rock band from Los Angeles
3) a Taiwanese post-rock/screamo band from Taipei
4) a French indie band Mimosa is an alias of dubstep/glitch hop/grime DJ and producer Robert Collado. He hails from the bay area of San Francisco. His Albums are Hostilis, Flux for Life, and Psychedelic Stereo. His Myspace page is

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Van She Tech

Vanshe Technologic are the electric love children of the shoegaze epic Van She. Vanshe's Tech, are, two girls who work closely with 2 of the band members of the band in order to create powerful and elegant, wacked out remixes from other peoples music for your dancing pleasure. Fall in love with us and we'll make you bounce. Have done remixes for, Feist, Muscles, Dragonette, Tiga, The Bravery and many more!

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There are at least 4 artists using the name "Demonium": 1) Black/Death Metal band from FRANCE
2) A Heavy Metal/Power Metal band from Vaduz, Liechtenstein
3) A Black Metal band from Eksjö, Sweden
4) A Death Metal (Black Metal in early days) from Ukraine
1) Black / Death Metal band from FRANCE ... contain members of HAEMOTH 2)
Demonium is a Heavy Metal/Power Metal band from Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

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1: Sami or some people know him as boyswithadream, he's a youtube singer. He cover several popular song such as: The One That Got Away (Katty Perry), Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez), Mistletoe (Justin Bieber) 2: Sami is Sami Liuski. A composer/producer from Finland. Otherwise known as Bangkok Impact, 8bit Rockers, Keyo Laboratories, Kleep, Lolita Sträp, Olavi, Omni Incentive & The Red Loafen. He is also in the group Putsch '79. 3: Polish band Sami, known from the song "Lato 2000".


Yelle (a feminised acronym of YEL, "You enjoy life") is Julie Budet, a French singer from the town of Saint-Brieuc, France, who started performing in 2005. She rose to fame on MySpace when she posted a song titled "Short Dick Cuizi", dissing Cuizinier, a member of the Parisian hip-hop group TTC. With producer and close friend GrandMarnier, Yelle has recorded a debut album Pop-Up, after her hit single "Je Veux Te Voir" (a finalised version of "Short Dick Cuizi"). The song, which samples the bassline from 20 Fingers' 1994 club hit Short Dick Man, received heavy airplay on MTV.

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Babylon Circus

Babylon Circus is a ska punk band from Lyon (France) formed in 1995 and consisting of ten members. They have released 5 albums, the most recent being 'La Belle Étoile' (2009). Official Website

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Walter I: Walter II: A short-lived Irish band with influences from acts such as Ben Folds Five. Walter formed in Maynooth, Co. Kildare in 2002.

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The Veil

There are currently at least four bands called The Veil. Two of these bands hail from the UK, the earliest version being a relatively unknown goth band from the 80s, another a contemporary rock. A third band originates from France, and a fourth from Australia. 1. The Veil is an 80's goth band from the UK. 'Surrender' is their one and only album they released. As with many female fronted goth bands, the band got easily dismissed as another Siouxsie & The Banshees clone. No wild guitars or tribal drumming here; the music is quite relaxed on this album.

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Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen (born June 23, 1970 in Brest, Brittany, France) has been honing his musical aesthetic since he could stand on two legs. He started learning piano at the age of four, taking up violin at the age of six and receiving classical training at musical academies in Rennes, Nantes and Boulogne. Then, at the age of 13, he chose to alter his destiny, breaking his violin into pieces, buying a guitar and forming a rock band.

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