Sister Mantos

Born in El Salvador
Lives in Los Angeles
Noises in the Ether With help from: the MANTOS FAMILY...
DJ Trident/Nadia Comaneci/Estebi/Leahy/Fluty Call/KCT/Jazzy/Strawberry 06/Trevwa/F_Squared/Apple Brains/Of Aire/Larissa James/Liv Avatar/Archduke Sack o' Gold/Sister Comaneci/DJ Automaton/and YOU!!!

Bronze Chariot Bronze Chariot came together in the early months of 2008 settling on the line up of Garrett Cooper, Scott Williams, Benjamin Cooper and Michael Elijah. The list of former bands was long and included; This City Dynamite!!!, Artax Mission, Donkey Kong, Sun, The New Mutiny, Eyes Like Black Stars, Egypt and more. Early sessions could be described as monstrous jam gatherings inspired by the decades of stoner rock and doom noise we were delving into at the time.

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The Ruby Suns

'Fight Softly' is the third album by New Zealand's pop masters The Ruby Suns. Ryan McPhun (their prime mover) has the kind of voracious musical mind that cites as equal influences '80s/'90s New Jack Swing and modern Angolan kuduro, Fleetwood Mac and Britney Spears, Brazilian tropicalia and Argentinean cumbia. He's the kind of diligent, meticulous soul that spends days hunched over a laptop in a tiny rented studio in Auckland, NZ just to perfect a sequenced drum track (mission accomplished).

Starving Weirdos

Starving Weirdos are from northern California's lost coast, a sleepy hamlet surrounded by five hours of wilderness in all directions. They are a wild and desperate style music band. They dig on the quiet and natural beauty that defines their environs and try to carry the same spirit of dignity mixed with brute force and docile felicity as it appears to them daily. No discord and no harmony.

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There are several artists with the name Mist: 1) Synth based group comprised of John Elliot (Emeralds) and Sam Goldberg. 2) Atmospheric Black Metal from Netherlands who released a split with Förtvivlan in 2010 . 3) Polish thrash/death metal band from Olkusz. 4) Band from Amsterdam who released "We Should Have Been Stars" and "Bye Bye" and "Period". 5) UK based techno artist <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Max Duley</a>'s alias for releases on the Lost-affiliated Cosmic Records label. 6) Swedish pop band from Gothenburg

John '00' Fleming

John’s career started some 18 years ago when his headmaster asked that he play an under 18s night for the school. After just one appearance, John was asked to become a resident at the now legendary Sterns in his hometown of Worthing. He was aged just 15. Fleming honored his residency throughout the 80s and during this period, shared the decks with some of dance-music’s most treasured DJs, including Carl Cox, Fabio and Grooverider at the club’s ‘Interdance’ night.


Ylem: Primordial substance from which all matter was formed. Ylem is a producer and DJ who creates as part of the music/art collective The Community, which has contributed to underground culture in Perth by providing a platform for local talent. YLEM’s experimental production reflects his taste for the emerging future beat sub-genres. The eclectic array of hypnotic beats he produces span dubstep/future/psyche/trip-hip-hop creating new auditory spaces.

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Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi is 23 year old Columbia, South Carolina native and resident Chaz Bundick. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design at The University of South Carolina, Chaz decided to push his music further now that he has more time on his hands. Chaz Bundick's methods are constantly changing and evolving. Heavily influenced by his parent's vinyl and tape collection, he also possesses great admiration for contemporary influences like Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, J Dilla, and Daft Punk.


1) Banda Under de Reggae Argentina, Voz: Pablo Beltrán. 2) There is another Mantra that was based in Manchester, UK in 1997 - 2001. Core members:
Simon Carroll- guitars
Yvonne Neve - Vocals + Keyboards
Phil Wallis- bass They produced two albums, ''Every Defect'' and ''Painted Red''. Lately, former band members Simon Carroll and Yvonne Neve formed the two piece Red Painted Red. 3) The third band called Mantra is a Hungarian (krishna) metal band.

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