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Jonti Multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and vocalist, Jonti, began assembling music after his departure from South Africa to Australia. Spending countless hours studying records like they were books, processing each song, this became Jonti's music school, testing his theories on a 4-track recorder.

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A ) Axolotl is the project of karl bauer. karl uses violin, vocal, and other instrumental music often by using electronic processing B) Axolotl’s Abrasive (1981) Ettiene's Brunet project with Jacques Oger on tenor and baritone saxophone, and Marc Dufourd.
Oger and Brunet plays an avant-garde jazz that is also mindful of contempory music figures such as Stockhausen and Boulez.

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Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops is Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean’s side project. The music resembles the style of Black Mountain but has a more psychedelic and experimental side with mellow tunes and complicated lyrics. Pink Mountaintops removed the “The” from its name on its second album, Axis of Evol.
Band members are: * Stephen McBean
* Amber Webber
* CC Rose
* Lyndsay Sung
* Jonah Fortune
* Steve Balogh
* Cory Gangnes
* Brad MacKinnon
* Joshua Wells
* Matt Camirand

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Yeasayer is a band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band was formed in 2006 and consists of three core members, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder. They first came to attention after appearing at the SXSW festival in early 2007. Their debut album All Hour Cymbals was released in October 2007. Yeasayer described their music as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel". Live performances often include psychedelic visuals.

Yeasayer released their second studio album, Odd Blood, in February 2010, featuring more pop music influences than earlier work. The band revealed that the album came out of a massive acid trip in New Zealand. Peter Gabriel’s drummer Jerry Marotta helped to record Odd Blood in an upstate New York studio packed with rare synths and percussion instruments from around the globe to create the characteristic worldbeat sound of the album.

Yeasayer released their third studio album, Fragrant World, in August 2012. According to the Fingers Never Bleed Songfacts, it was named after a track that didn't make the new album's final cut. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Hands Up/Dancecore project from Germany, produced by Marco Juliano, Stefan Rio and Ti-Mo. 2) There is a male singer-songwriter from New York who released three solo albums under the name Jasper from 2001 to 2004. "Jasper Makes Music" was released in 2001, "Thinking Back" was released in 2002, and The Distance Between was released in 2004. In 2005, he begun performing under his given name, Matt Jasper, and has since released As A Matter of Fact in 2007 and Bored Games in March of 2010, both under the name Matt Jasper.

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I've never tried to mask my unbridled desire for the Jewelled Antler Collective - these San Francisco-based forest dwellers have managed to do something quite magical in them there woods, and make psychedelic folk music (free folk, new weird America, whatever) sound simply irresistible. I don't know what it is really, maybe it's the guiding hand of Thuja-member and founder of the whole thing Loren Chasse, who appears here as the spiritual frontman of Softwar.

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Melbourne band who mainline German electro-punk styles (DAF/Cluster/Kraftwerk) and melt them down with subterranean Americana that draws on the nightmare sound of early Suicide, the eschatological tapes and drum machine style of the first incarnation of Destroy All Monsters et al. Captured Tracks calls it “’74 Germany + ’79 Sheffield + ’09 Australia”.

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ANATTA is Hybrid Metal Band from Thailand. Hybrid Metal is integrate Progressive Metal, Melodic Power Metal,
Symphonic Metal, and Electronic Sound unitedly.
Initiate new characteristics of metal style.
ANATTA is No-Self
Nothing in Universe is Enduringly, Lastingly
So too perceptions, experiences, and consciousness

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