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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals are a San Francisco, California based pop punk band with hardcore influences and dueling vocalists formed in 2004. The band name comes from melodic hardcore band CIV's first album, Set Your Goals. Set Your Goals released their first EP, Set Your Goals, on Straight On Records in May 2004. After signing with Eulogy Recordings, they re-released the EP under the name Reset on April 11, 2006 with vinyl released by Panic Records.

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Stellar Kart

From the opening salvo of Stellar Kart’s third album Expect the Impossible, it’s evident that the Dove Award-winning band is revolutionizing its sound with this adventurous, spirited, and totally unexpected pop ‘n’ roll project. Returning to helm the project is producer Ian Eskelin (All Star United), who also shepherded Stellar Kart’s breakthrough sophomore album, We Can’t Stand Sitting Down. That CD yielded the No.

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Mike TV

Mike TV are a pop-punk group formed in 2001 under the name Pickled Dick by Domb Harper, Jhon Cosgrove and Lars Jackson. Several line-up changes have occured since the band's formation with Marky joining on drums in 2004, then being replaced by Nick Reynolds (Riff) in 2006. The Current line-up consists of Domb Harper on bass, Jhon Cosgrove on guitar, Richard Bushby on lead guitar and Glynn Mellor on drums.

Face to Face

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Face to Face is a punk rock band from California. Formed in 1991, the group was initially signed by Dr. Strange Records, later moving to Fat Wreck Chords. Their first big hit "Disconnected" was played by KROQ and appeared in the movies Tank Girl and National Lampoon's Senior Class Trip. Their song "Devil You Know (God is a Man)" appeared in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 1) and on the accompanying series soundtrack album.The group recently reformed after disbanding in 2004.

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Short Stack

Short Stack is a pop group from New South Wales, Australia, which formed in 2005. The band started when its three members, Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb met at Hunter School of the Performing Arts. That year, they entered Youthrock, a competition for school-based bands. They failed to pass the first round of the competition, which motivated the band to work harder and subsequently placed 3rd when they entered in 2006.

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Title Fight

Title Fight is a band from Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA that combines elements of pop punk, melodic hardcore, and 90's emo. They are currently signed to Side One Dummy records and will be embarking on their first headlining cross-country summer tour starting May 19th. They released a new 3-song 7" The Last Thing You Forget on June 23rd, as well as a CD released on July 10th, compiling all of their releases to date: 2007's split CD with The Erection Kids and 2008's Kingston EP (available on iTunes), both released on Flight Plan Records.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Fireworks is a pop punk band from Detroit, Michigan consisting of David Mackinder, Tymm Rengers, Chris Mojan, Kyle O'Neil, and Brett Jones. They are a group of individuals creating a sound with enough pop quality to keep your little sister's attention, and enough edge to rid them of "guilty pleasure" status. Hailing from stereotypically suburban metro Detroit, Fireworks is comprised of five electric personalities with endless influences. Together they create a unique blend of "infectious, well-written punk with an undeniable sense of melody.

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Pop Punk band from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The band, to date, has released one EP entiltled "Take These Years" in March 2009, as well a re-released of "Take These Years" with 4 extra making up the album.

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There is more than one band with this name. 1) A Melodic Hardcore band from Suffolk, UK
2) A French Noise Rock band 1) Basement are five lads from Ipswich, Suffolk who play melodic hardcore with a touch of emo, like early Lifetime.
www.myspace.com/basementuk 2) Basement was created at the end of 1995 inspired by various American bands such as Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Fugazi, Cop shoot cop or Distorted Pony.
The band’s first EP entitled “Head on“ was recorded by Fred Norguet (Burning Heads, Portobello Bones, Ez3kiel…) and was released by Weird records/Tripsichord in March 1996.

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The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are 6 dudes from the Keystone State that play their own brand of realist Pop Punk. Since 2006 they have released a split EP with Bangarang!, a full length entitled "Get Stoked On It!," a 7" named "Won't Be Pathetic Forever," and a split 7" with All or Nothing called "Distances," along with 2 tour EP's. The band's sophomore full length "The Upsides" was released on January 26th, 2010 and will be Re-released in September/October on Hopeless Records, who they have recently signed to.

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