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Amy Meredith

Amy Meredith is Sydney-siders Christian Lo Russo (Vocals, Keys), Joel Chapman (Guitar), Wade Osborn (Bass), Cameron Laing (Guitar) and Kosta Theodosis (Drums). They’re a boys-own, stadium pop troupe, and they’re taking steady aim at the high-end of the charts. Brought together in 2006 by shared disdain for the current crop of Aussie indy-pop, Amy Meredith write music that taps into the pop zeitgeist without sounding bland or tired.

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Pel Mel

Pel Mel were an Australian post-punk music band. They formed in Newcastle, Australia in mid 1979 and moved to Sydney, Australia in late 1980. They toured and recorded until 1984. They had some success in Sydney's inner-city music scene and released their debut single <a title="Pel Mel &ndash; No Word From China" href="" class="bbcode_track">No Word From China</a> in 1980. By the time they released their 1983 album <a title="Pel Mel - Persuasion" href="" class="bbcode_album">Persuasion</a>, they had developed a light indie pop sound. The album had limited commercial success and Pel Mel disbanded shortly afterwards. Some of the members played in the the band The Limp.

Scul Hazzards

SCUL HAZZARDs are a guitar based noise rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They make aggressive deconstructionist rock sometimes within pop structures, but often through acting counter to these sensibilities their most unique work is created. Regardless of what path their song writing takes they create dense songs that are complex yet accessible. While their early releases (knee deep in blood that isn’t ours single - self-released, 2006, and House of Heads EP - Valve Records, 2006) were for the most part primal in nature their more recent material (Count Less Dead EP...

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SLOMO are Jem King (guitars), brother Tom (bass) and Cal Walkinshaw (drums). The trio make music as varied as their individual influences. From atmospheric soundscapes to post punk fuelled heavier riffs. The trio's sound is centred around howling distorted guitars, intertwined with circling rhythms.
The Trio released their debut album ‘L – DOPA’ in February of 2021 which saw them play a sold-out album launch, support artists such as Flyying Colours and Mere Women as well receive national radio play from RRR, JJJ, Double J, PBS. Tags: 

Simo Soo

- Simo Soo is from Sydney, Australia - Simo Soo has played shows all over Australia, in Spain & in the USA with bands like Abe Vigoda (USA), XBXRX (USA), Mincemeat or Tenspeed (USA), Realicide (USA), Hawnay Troof (USA), Toecutter, Jonas Reinhardt (USA), Crab Smasher, Sweet Machine (Peaches' backing band, Germany), Curse Ov Dialect, Purple Duck, Justice Yeldham, Heavy Mental, Knitted Abyss, Yes Nukes, The Laurels, Ambor Grieko (Spain), Mickey Gloss & Alps.

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Buried Horses

DEBUT ALBUM 'TEMPEST' AVAILABLE HERE... Buried Horses deliver a dark and foreboding sonic vision that captures the rugged beauty of our violent landscape. Described as ‘a combination of Dirty Three (subtract screeching violin, add ravenous vocals) and early Drones,’ Buried Horses proudly draw on the strong tradition of great Australian music. Buried Horses have recently signed to Melbourne’s heart of darkness, Spooky Records.

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paper arms

Paper Arms have an honest, raw and mature take on punk rock roots. It is the culmination of over a decade in punk and hardcore bands, yet it’s never felt this good before. The band hit the studio in early January 2010, with legendary musician/producer Walter Schreifels, to record their debut full length album, 'Days Above Ground'. It's release marks a new chapter in the bands story, and one which is sure to be interesting.

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