Phony Orphants

Phony Orphants are Jeppe Ornkilde (DJ Jeppe) and Mikael Dahlgaard (DJ Emok), a progressive psytrance-group from Denmark. They created Iboga studio in Copenaghen, releasing their firsts works on Transient, Plastik Park, Plusquam and so on. Collaborating with some of the most interesting Scandinavian artists, such as Beat Bizarre, Refer Decree and much more, they finally created Iboga Records, which they also manage.

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Black And White

For the psytrance artists go to the Black & White page and fix your tags. The band went under the name “First Love” and performed at the Hemmens Auditorium Battle of the Bands. The band took first place and won “cash plus recording time”. As time went on the band changed its name to “Black and White” and soon became very popular on the Illinois Club Circuit. The band performed at Chance’s R, Stay Out West and other Classic venues. Black and White Is: BOB SLAWEK / VOCALS JIM PATTERSON / BASS

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1) Banda Under de Reggae Argentina, Voz: Pablo Beltrán. 2) There is another Mantra that was based in Manchester, UK in 1997 - 2001. Core members:
Simon Carroll- guitars
Yvonne Neve - Vocals + Keyboards
Phil Wallis- bass They produced two albums, ''Every Defect'' and ''Painted Red''. Lately, former band members Simon Carroll and Yvonne Neve formed the two piece Red Painted Red. 3) The third band called Mantra is a Hungarian (krishna) metal band.

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Double Dragon

There are more than one artist with the name Double Dragon.
[1] A death metal band from Australia.
[2] An electro act from France. [1] Double Dragon is a melodic death metal band from Adelaide, Australia. They have toured with with some of the biggest names in metal including; Slayer, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Mastodon, Dark Tranquillity, The Black Dahlia Murder, Kataklysm and Cephalic Carnage. Following the release of their successful debut EP called 'Scars Of Fire', Double Dragon released their debut album 'Devastator' in July of 2008.

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Son Kite

Behind the successful production of Son Kite are Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson. With different origins they got together in 1996 and are today working full time as producers in their High-Hat Studio in Malmoe, Sweden. What has made Son Kite such a success? Here’s a little view of their backgrounds that has for sure shaped them as producers. Sebastian started to play the organ at the age of eight, which also led him on to taking piano lessons.

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"We are STRYDER and we are from outer space! We have been set on a path to blow peoples minds with psychedelic rock and roll!"
STRYDER began when the suns rays passed through a Kaleidoscope upon four young boys from the sunshine coast. This gave birth to the rich, moist, colourful sounds of psychedelic rock and roll which the band create. With the release of their new ep 'Kaleidoscope', their music has become an aphrodisiac to music lovers of the world. Tags: 
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Infected Mushroom

"Infected Mushroom" is an Israeli psychedelic trance (psytrance) DJ/LivePA duo who have attained significant popularity from the late 1990s to the present day. Formed by Erez Aizen (also known as I.Zen) and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev), in Haifa, Israel, the duo have earned a large international fan base. "Infected Mushroom" are known for their consistent sonic evolution exemplified by their albums: "The Gathering" (1999), "Classical Mushroom" (2000), "B.P.

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