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Cotton Sidewalk

COTTON SIDEWALK is a heavy-pop/alternate/dirge combo spawned from the bowels of Charlestown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA. Although only together for seven years, COTTON SIDEWALK have blessed the world with an LP entitled Mass Transit Radio (2002) with the single Critical Dependencies cut on the Independence Vol. 1 compilation and the midget-album Build A Preschool (2006), as well as attaining success, fame, and a following of millions. Tags: 
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perfect fit

Hometown: Geelong VIC Australia Personnel:Brandon Poulter (vocals/guitar) Lincoln Stolz (guitar/vocals) Matt Dietrch(bass) Chris Kelly (drums) Former members: Tom Hennessy (drums) Lable: Unsigned Sound like: Pop Punk/Rock Influences:Blink 182, The Beatles, Rise Against, Yellowcard Web: Tags: 
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Hugo Race

Melbourne-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and songwriter Hugo Race is an eclectic and prolific artist who has lived and worked in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy since 1988. He was a founding member and powerful transient element of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds (1983), with whom he started working in the terminal stages of the legendary Birthday Party (he appears on five cds of the Seed's catalogue). In Melbourne he founded the Wreckery (1985) who went on to become on of Australia's seminal cult bands of the 80s, releasing with the White, Rampant, and Citadel labels.

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The Townhouses

Islands can be downloaded for free at In the winter/spring of 2009, the Townhouses released four ambient/instrumental EPs, with the third (The Lost Kagu) released through Perth based label Owls Records. ‘Islands’, the Townhouses’ debut album, is derived from some 60-something demos and is largely the result of Leigh’s interest in ethnomusicology. The Townhouses are more recently largely influenced by gamelan, African, electronic, experimental and ambient music – resulting in a collage of different tonalities and polyphonic textures... Tags: 
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The Bennies

There are two bands called The Bennies. 1. The Bennies are a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia who have been together since 2009. While they are inspired by the likes of The Clash, Sublime and Rancid, The Bennies consider themselves a party band. Elements of hip-hop, psychedelia, metal and pop also influence the band into their own fun loving style. The Bennies breathe new life into the ska/punk genre by performing with extreme energy, enthusiasm and an unbashful love to party. Tags: 


Songs are a Sydney based band (featuring members of New Zealand's post-punk wailers This Night Creeps and Ela Stiles of sisterly-duo The Said Sos) that do only simple things. From their single-syllable handle to their hand-drawn artwork to their music itself; it all has to be simple. Born in mid-2007, Songs have only been playing to the public as of this year (2008). They have signed a deal with Sydney label Popfrenzy (home to other acts such as The Gossip, Black Mountain, Jeremy Jay, The Ruby Suns and a whole bunch more) and have since played shows with Deerhunter...

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McKisko is the name used by Australian singer-songwriter Helen Franzmann. Her first album, 'Glorio' was released in 2009 to national acclaim. She received the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship for song writing in 2009. She has played with jose gonzales, bon iver, tom cooney and juana molina. Tags: 
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