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Motley is a rapper from Manchester, UK. He released his debut album, Separated At Birth, with Hash Browne in 2007. Hairy Nandies (EP) in 2008, Burches Know mixtape in 2009, and a new album to be released in 2011. He also features on Party at My Place (feat. Motley) by Bliss N Eso.

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Clare Bowditch and the New Slang

The New Slang is the new backing band for Melbourne, Australia-based musician Clare Bowditch; following the folding of her previous band, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set</a>. Some members of the Feeding Set remain - drummer Marty Brown, also Clare's husband; and bassist Warren Bloomer - but the expanded group also features Tim Harvey (Hot Little Hands) on lead guitar and the a capella group <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Aluka</a>, known collecitvely within the New Slang as The Lady Garden.

Every Word

Five cats from Newcastle, Australia who play hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, Verse & Tina Arena. They enjoy playing X-Box in their spare time. You can check out their sweet Myspace poses at Tags: 
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Sianna Lee

Sianna Lee is an Australian alternative artist who was the driving force behind Melbourne band Love Outside Andromeda. Since her band has been put on permanent hiatus she's kept herself busy exploring the fringe boundaries where bands fear to tread with her debut release "Phoenix Propeller" .

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Snout Cassette

turn a leaf, here we are, under a stone, inside a jar, wherever the mountains meet the sea, thats NoT where we're going2beeee... ...SNOUT CASSETTE was pollenated by alligators who fear our electro-pop wrath of 6 6 6!!!! we are 5 times longer lasting than pee smell on carpet..... originally a 2 piece named"schadenfraud"with-Jak - drums, vocals
Cat - bass guitar, synth, vocaLs Tags: 
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Rick Estrin And The Nightcats

From the liner notes of their debut album, "Twisted", released on Alligator Records: For thirty years, Rick Estrin was the voice and face of one of the country’s best-loved blues and jump bands, Little Charlie & The Nightcats. His huge harp sound, streetwise vocals, razor-sharp lyrics and hipster persona were as much the focus of the band as Little Charlie Baty’s hard-swinging and unpredictable guitar. In fact, Rick was so much the central figure of the band, most newcomers assumed that he was “Charlie.” Tags: 
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