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Music From The Penguin Cafe

Arthur Jeffes has brought together a group of musicians to create Music from the Penguin Café, playing the music of his father, Simon Jeffes and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and combining it with his own compositions. The ensemble that Arthur has drawn together are about the same age as the original members of the PCO when they first started playing together in the late 1970s. Music from the Penguin Café began touring from June 2009 into the early autumn, playing at festivals, concert venues, clubs and parties.

Following Sea

Following Sea is a band from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed during the winter of 2009. Its members were previously involved in musical projects The Scandal, Daysworth Fighting, and Kill Whitey. 2010 sees Following Sea releasing its debut 7" record. Recorded with Matt Bodiam (A Death In The Family) at the Arthouse studio in Melbourne, the record explores lyrical themes of desperation and disillusionment through its two tracks, 'Last Light' and 'Iron and Earth'. Tags: 
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The Warm Jets

Formed in 1995 by Louis Jones (vox/guitars), Paul Noble (guitar/keyboards) and Craig 'Ed' Grimshaw (drums/keyboards) 'The Warm Jets' were a post-Britpop indie rock band. The band's debut (and only) album 'Future Signs' was released to critical acclaim in 1998. Despite scoring two modest Top 40 hits ('Hurricane' and 'Never Never') the band were dropped by Island Records and disbanded shortly afterwards with little fanfare.

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Hardcore band
from, Shelton, Hamden,
United States Pissed Off Connecticut Hardcore. They have played with such bands as Death Threat, Terror, Ramallah, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Hope Conspiracy, Doomriders, Ignite, Down To Nothing, Comeback Kid, Pale Horse, Black My Heart, Death Before Dishonor, Sinking Ships, Modern Life Is War, Guns Up, Shipwreck, and First Blood just to name a few. Be on the look out for a East Coast Winter Tour.
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The Ox and the Fury

The Ox and the Fury (previously known as Ezekiel Ox and the Fury) is a band from Melbourne, Victoria
that formed in 2008. Ezekiel Ox (from bands Full Scale, Mammal, Over-Reactor, Smash Nova and The Nerve), Lucius Borich (from bands Cog, Juice,
The Hanging Tree, Borich x Borich and Floating Me), Ben Brennan and Dom Italiano make up the Fury line up. Their debut album, Guitars Die in Hot Cars was released in April 2010.

The Woohoo Revue

The Woohoo Revue in Print ‘Expect old-world charm, furious gypsy tunes and a chunky sound that will either make you dance or wish you’d brought a unicycle. Big fun.’ The Melbourne Age ‘Overall, the sound reflects the unique experience of a ‘gypsy’ band raised on Melbourne dance floors.’ Beat Magazine Melbourne ‘The Woohoo Revue have generated a lot of buzz around town with their tight set of freakish gypsy brass tunes.’ Inpress Magazine Melbourne Tags: 
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Birth Glow

A quality product of Adelaide water, three-piece Birth Glow gave ears the shivers with their debut proper release Ultimate Relief, released in 2007 and featuring eight haunted and idiosyncratic interpretations of folk music. Birth Glow unite the levitating lead vocals of Ellen Carey (Fair Maiden, Clue to Kalo, ex-Jemima Jemima), Nick Walton's (Sweet Raxxx) sad baritone and the sparse melodic guitar and drum arrangements of Steph Crase (No Through Road).

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Charles Baby

Charles Baby sings songs that he believes are sent to him by supreme beings that are trapped underground. Though he also believes these beings will one day break free and wreak a fiery vengeance on this world, he is happy until then to pay homage to them in song. He has opened has career by supporting Tim Rogers, Ash Grunwald and Kate Miller Heidke. Although he tells people he sounds like Bob Dylan and Radiohead, in truth, his Australian accent is much stronger than either of theirs. Genre: Indie, Roots Tags: 
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