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The rabble-rousing Rocketsmiths are at it again, with the release of new single ‘Underground’ – the Brisbane quintet’s rock ode to riding a slippery slope into depravity. Whether an autobiographical tale or not, the track is the first sign of the good times to come from their Magoo produced debut album titled The Bones, to be released nationally mid-year. The antipated debut album moves firmly in the direction of indie-rock and punk party jams, following the country/rockabilly tinged explorations of the EPs Parts, Pieces and Meet Horace And Clyde. Tags: 

San Cisco

San Cisco are from Fremantle in sunny Western Australia. On the weekends they love to go skateboarding, play Nintendo 64 and make a bit of indie pop on the side. Scarlett bangs the drums, Nick plays the electric bass, Jordi & Josh are the guys that play the guitars, write the songs and sing them. San Cisco have spent the last year graduating high school, performing at some festivals and playing round town pretty much every weekend. Tags: 
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There are 2 acts plying their trades under the name Tantrums: [1] Tantrums are four boys and one girl from Birmingham, UK, who love guitar pedals, strange time signatures and generally just playing music. They released their first EP, 'Champloo', on Bigger Than Barry Records in the summer of 2010. [2] Colourful triptychs of melancholy melodies collide with frosty drum machine ticks and rainbows of atmospherics layered upon each other. Tags: 
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1. A noise-rock band from Atlanta, GA. We were in other bands. Now we're in this band. Soon we will all be deaf. 2. Band from Sydney, Australia. Tags: 
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Midlands based Drumsound (Andy Wright & Ben Wiggett), alongside partner in crime, Simon 'Bassline' Smith, are without doubt one of the leading heavyweight dj / production duo’s in the world of drum ’n’ bass… Its sometimes overlooked, but over the last ten years, its true to say, this dynamic duo are one of the only artists 'ever in drum & bass history' to have had releases on nearly all of the world's leading d'n'b labels..... Grooverider's - prototype recordings

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