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Spawned from members of Melbourne based progressive metal, VICES AND VIRTUES and Bendigo death metal act, HER MAJESTY.

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Shorelines (Formerly <a href="http://www.last.fm/music/The+Cameo+In" class="bbcode_artist">The Cameo In</a>) is an <a href="http://www.last.fm/tag/alternative" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">alternative</a>/<a href="http://www.last.fm/tag/pop-punk" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">pop-punk</a> band from the Detroit area. Shorelines combines catchy riffs with powerful lyrics and vocal lines that will be stuck in your head for days.

Look Who's Toxic

Petering out since 2002, and now mostly in their 30s, 'Toxic' as they're affectionately known to their fans have to perform under the additional strain of sore joints, disease and degenerative brain issues. They don't like doing it much either as they'd much prefer being at home in front of the television wildly hurling abuse at the stars of today. <a href="http://lookwhostoxic.com" rel="nofollow">http://lookwhostoxic.com</a>

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble, based in Los Angeles, is the brainchild of Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar). Combining their love for original soul and rhythm & blues, the two set up a basic home studio in Venice Beach and started crafting the beginnings of Vintage Trouble. Already a friend of both, Rick Barrio Dill (bass) came along and added his shared bass influences and energy into the newly formed project.

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Holliava are an Australian 4-piece group hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. The sound they have made is a great mixture of pop and melodic rock. (2009-2011) Line-Up: Michael Soltys (Vocals, Rythym Guitar)
Ryan Lapthorne (Lead Guitar)
Luke Soltys (Bass)
Tyson Hoop (Drums) After a couple years of extensive touring a writing, Holliava has had a slight change of style, leaning a little more on the hard rock, that has seen a change in line-up. The guitar duo remains as it is to this day... (2011 - Present) Line-Up:

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Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive are a 5 piece pop-punk band from Sydney, Australia. Fronted by 17 year old Jenna, the band combine earnest lyrics and youthful energy. Fans of Paramore will enjoy Tonight Alive-one of the most talented up-and-coming bands.

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is an Australian musician, who played in Jab, The Models and Einstürzende Neubauten. Wednesday formed an Australian punk rock band in Adelaide in January 1976. The band's original lineup consisted of Bohdan X (Bodhan Kubiakowski) on guitar and vocals, Wednesday playing bass guitar, synthesizer and tapes, and Johnny Crash (Janis Friedenfelds) on drums and vocals. The band took its name from the first initials of the founding members. The band relocated to Melbourne in August 1977.

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For Our Hero

For Our Hero is an unsigned pop rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed two years ago and have recently released their debut EP 'Threw the Looking-Glass'. Taplin brothers Jay, on vocals and Beau who writes the band's lyrics, Dave Tran and Leon Blair on guitar, while Geoff Taylor and Nax Vee complete the six piece band, play bass and drums. With pitch perfect melodies, beats and rythym as rocking as they come, lyrics as witty and fresh as the song names, For Our Hero's sound is sure to get anyone up jumping and dancing.

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A Mexican guitar was the catalyst for the formation of Intercooler in 2001. Had it been made in the US, perhaps the story would read a little differently. Jaded by the ‘struggling artist’ cliché, Joel Potter (bass) hung up his instrument and pissed off to the UK, perhaps resigned to the fact that running around in circles for the sake of music wasn’t worth it. Meanwhile, back in Oz, vocalist and guitarist Phil Ballantyne was getting restless.

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