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This name can refer to many different bands. An artist better known as L Double, Drum and Bass DJ and producer who released records on Goldie's label Metalheadz. HC-Metal band from Krakow, Poland. Death/thrash metal band from Sweden. Thrash Metal band from Auckland, New Zealand. Noise / Hardcore Techno / Speedcore From Newcastle, Australia. Releases music on Drillbits Noise Machine Label Gothic/horror band from Finland. From same author as Banquet Of Illusion. Hungarian metal band with only woman members (four women).

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Tiki Taane

Tiki Taane, is a New Zealand based musician and former front man of leading New Zealand band Salmonella Dub. Tiki left Salmonella Dub on the 1st of January 2007 to pursue his solo career. His first album Past, Present, Future (album) was released under the name Tiki on 22 October 2007. The song Always On My Mind became the highest-selling NZ song of all time on the New Zealand charts, and the third highest selling overall.

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Alix Perez

North London based DJ/producer Alix Perez is one of the strongest young producers in the Drum and Bass scene and undoubtedly one of its most prolific up and coming DJs. Already with a number of releases on established labels such as Shogun Audio, Liquid V, Bassbin, Creative Source, Horizons, Progress, Brigand and Fokuz, there aren't many drum and bass DJs on the circuit without a Perez tune in their bag.

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Mark Wilkinson

There are two Dj's blessed with the name Mark Wilkinson. One is a house DJ/Producer and on is a Drum & Bass/Dubstep DJ/Producer. There is also an Australian singer/songwriter with the name Mark Wilkinson.

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Dominick Martin aka Calibre is the 1st exclusively Irish Drum and Bass artist. Classically trained in violin, he dropped this for drums and began playing in various bands, before finding early Detroit techno and house. His inspiration around that time is said to wander around the likes of Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, the Orb. His brother introduced Calibre to drum and bass and jungle, which at first he couldn’t follow the pattern as he felt it was too relentless and 'beaty', and so at that point he preferred four to the floor drumbeats from the US house style.

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The Bird

There are 3 bands with the name The Bird 1. Sydney electronica
Over the last 10 years The Bird have established a solid reputation as one of Australia's finest live electronic dance outfits, and in the studio have continued to push musical boundaries. “Birdville Sessions” is the latest release from this dynamic group. Recorded in Ben's shed in the suburb of Marrickville, Sydney, and then handed over to the master of BJB Studios, Chris Townend...

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Crissy Criss

Crissy Criss aka Chris Williamson was born May 1987 at Newmarket Hospital, Suffolk. Child to former Dubai & Greece international Champion Jockey ‘Kevin Williamson’, best known for working for the King of Greece as a race horse Jockey in the late 1980's to early 90's. Crissy was raised in Leytonstone in the East of London after growing up in area's such as Newmarket, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk around the age of 2-3 years old when mother 'Tracey' met Kenny Ken, who was at the time playing Acid House & Jungle Techno.

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audio damage

An Australian artist that started to be associated with electronic music way back in the early nineties. His major passion back then was hardcore and first started producing on a tine program called Impulse Tracker. This program taught him the basic elements of production and was a stepping stone for things to come. Amidst the turn of the century a new style was being created which was a mixture of hard trance and hardcore elements, this was soon to be known as hardstyle. Once immediately knew the style of music he was meant to create.

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Xilent (Eryk Kowalczyk) is a young drum’n'bass producer. Originally from Warsaw (Poland), Eryk produced his first bits at the age of nine, when he was introduced to the Propellerhead Rebirth RB-338 synthesizer set. From then on, he tended to diversify his sound from techno, through breakbeat, finally to find his place in the drum’n'bass genre, influenced by artists like DJ Rap, Future Cut, Calyx, Concord Dawn. Throughout that time he also found himself playing the drums in a few hardcore punk bands like Fast Forward.