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DJ Bonez

Regarded as one of Australia's No.#1 Live Turntable assassins. DJ Bonez has been in the forefront of Australian DJ'ing culture as a performer, releasing Australia's first series of Mix tape / CD's and also catering to DJ's world wide with break beats and scratch records including producing his own albums which feature MC's both locally and international for artist such as: Funkoars, Blade, Motion Man, Grand Agent, Lotek, Omni, MC Mell'O', Muph & Plutonic, Sandpeople, Speaque Eazie, Pegz, Low Budget, Rainman, Tommy I'llfigga, Mystik Journeyman and much more...

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D'Opus and Roshambo

Aussie hip hop group based in Canberra, Australia. In 2006, D'Opus and Roshambo released their debut EP, "The Question" and had it distributed by notable Aussie Hip Hop label Obese Records. D'Opus and Roshambo are currently working on their LP due for release in 2008.

Boys Boys Boys

Boys Boys Boys! is an indie pop band from Perth, Australia which consists of members Jade Foo, Alwyn Nixon Lloyd, Bridget Turner, Mike Murphy, Jerico Wallace and Daniel Grant. After making waves in the Perth music scene with their infectious sound, the band released their debut album Yes through Interia Records in March 2009. According to the band's website:
"Boys Boys Boys! were born when a group of girls working in a retro diner decided music was the only way to stop crinkle cut fries and burger grease from coming between them.

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Brianna Carpenter

Brianna Carpenter remembers her childhood and the times she used to play Barbies whilst listening to Elton John. Ever since then Brianna has been fascinated by song writing and has developed through other musical influences such as Jamie Cullum, Ben Folds Regina Spektor and Bic Runga. Brianna now creates a mix of Folky Alternative Pop. Even though she was born completely deaf in one ear this has not stopped Brianna’s drive to compose. Brianna began song writing at the age of 13 and after writing her first real song "The Web" people started to recognize her talent.

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last dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs are a band hailing from the magical land of Brisbane, Australia. They consist of Sean Caskey (vox/guitar) Lach Caskey (guitar) Danjuro Koyama (drums) and Sam Gethin-Jones (bass).

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dirtywings' music is indie-pop earcandy with a rock/electro edge. Hairbrush-mime to their fresh yet familiar-sounding melodies, hooky riffs, and catchy, memorable choruses. Lyrically, dirtywings push the pop envelope, unafraid to probe at controversial subjects. They invite listeners to have a spiritual moment by meditating on the fundamental question 'what happens when I die?' ("When My Body Dies").

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Yeo combines his skills as keyboardist, bass player, vocalist and drum programmer to create some joyful organic sounding pop numbers. His tracks have got catchy hooks and lyrics to make you smile. Yeo is currently a popular artist in Triple J's Unearthed competition. Think Phoenix meets Pharrell.

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Basement Birds

Basement Birds is an Australian indie supergroup comprised of Kavyen Temperley (Eskimo Joe's frontman and bassist), Steve Parkin (solo singer/songwriter), Kevin Mitchell (musician) (Jebediah, Bob Evans frontman) and solo singer/songwriter Josh Pyke. The groups' mutual love of lush vocal harmonies and alt-country style was the basis for forming the Basement Birds project. "Luckily we all seem to have fairly similar tastes in music, I think it'd be harder if we had someone who was into death metal and another into jazz fusion.

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Polo Club

Vocalist Urban Monk (Dylan Truscio) teaming up with Producer Camelot the Cameleon (Cameron Chapman) working on a fresh approach to Hiphop/Beat Making/Ideas/Flows. Been working together for over a 2 years now putting together good mix of unique tracks, writing/recording and performing around Melbourne. Over a short but prosperous career, POLO CLUB have won the hearts and ears of many fans, even the judges of the Victorian final of the MTV Kickstart and Triple J Unearthed/Parklife competitions, Appearances at outdoor festivals including Push Over 2009 and Good Vibrations Festival (Melb) 2009.

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