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Real Name: Stewart Edwards British born, Australian raised. Vazard crept out of the bedroom and began his musical career back in 2008, placing in the grand final of the 3D DJ comp in Melbourne. Since then he has gone from strength to strength in both his performances and production. With a strong focus on his productions, Vazard describes his sounds as diverse and true to himself.
Tough, hard and driving is the key focus to his productions, combining influences from the early days of hardstyle to the fresh crunch of today.

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soul t

The music is with Soul T all the time, that's one of the most important things in his life. Besides playing on the decks, Soul T has been a DJ since 2002, but nowadays he also make a lot of own productions. He started his music career from making hip-hop tracks and that music was used in few films by Jan Komasa, the first film "Nice to See You" won the third prize at Cinefondation Short Film Award in Cannes in 2004. A year later, a few tracks were used in "Oda do radosci".

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There are more artists that have the name Outsiders. 1. The Outsiders were an American rock and roll group from Cleveland, Ohio, that was founded and led by guitarist Tom King. The band is best known for its Top 5 hit "Time Won't Let Me" in early 1966, which peaked at #5 in the US, but the band had three other hit singles in 1966 and released a total of four albums in the mid-1960s.
Allmusic described the act's style: "Part of the secret behind the Outsiders' musical success lay in the group's embellishments ...

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Brennan Heart

Biography was taken from official Brennan Heart site: www.brennanheart.com Fabian Bohn (24), better known as Brennan Heart has been active as a DJ and producer for several years now. At age 14, his passion for electronic music started to grow. Within a few years he learned to master all facets of studio technique and producing. His producing efforts did not go unnoticed and at age 18 EMI Music offered him a contract, allowing him to step into the music business and become a full time producer.

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There are 2 bands under the name WaveRider currently active. 1)WaveRider is François Giroux from Montreal and he started releasing his music under this name on the net in 2004. Drawing from diiverse influences, but mainly from dub and electro, WaveRider's music is a blend of electronic grooves and experimental techno. WaveRider has received some radio airplay in Canada on electronic music shows, and has a following on the internet since he started.

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Michael 'Ameon' Sena began pursuing music back in 2008. Since then, purchases of keyboards, synths, programs, cables, microphones and a whole lot else has helped him develop skills and talents in the area of creating great dance music. The origin of his name? His computer pseudonym has always been meo, and his strong Christian faith is the backbone of not only his life, but also his music. What better way to combine the two then in the equation meo + amen = ameon?