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Children Of Bodom

Children of Bodom is a Finnish band from the city of Espoo, near Helsinki. The name of the band comes from one of the most famous Finnish murder cases of all time. (The murdering of three teenagers one night at Lake Bodom back in the 60's.) Early Children of Bodom albums are inspired by classical music and death metal (Red Light in My Eyes pt. 1 starts with a line from J.S. Bach's Invention No.13 in A minor and Red Light in My Eyes pt.

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There are multiple artists with this name: Apollo was formed in 1969. They released one album, Apollo (1970). Their music was occasionally heavy and the band sounds like Led Zeppelin or Procol Harum, with little bit King Crimson in it. Members have been in other Finnish progressive projects.
2) Apollo Indie Dance / Post Punk band from Ballarat, Australia. They Began mid 2009 when two kids decided to constructively channel their boredom in the form of melodic sound.

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Finntroll is a finnish folk metal band that combines black metal with a Finnish form of polka called Humppa. Although they are from Finland, Finntroll's lyrics are in Swedish (the country's second official language), because Swedish sounds "damn trollish", according to the band's first vocalist, Katla (whose native language is Swedish). History Finntroll was founded in 1997, by Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta (R.I.P. March 16th 2003), guitarist of Impaled Nazarene, and Jan "Katla" Jämsen. Their first demo, Rivfader, was recorded about a year later, in 1998.

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Teeth & Tongue

Teeth & Tongue is the solo project/band of New Zealand born songwriter and performer Jess Cornelius. Her debut album 'Monobasic' was released on Crystal Chain Records via Inertia in November 2008. Teeth & Tongue also includes Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie (guitar), Patrick Millman (bass), Steve Masterton (drums) and Brigitte Hart (keys, vocals).

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Ups & Downs

This can refer to two different bands: 1. Brisbane band Ups and Downs
2. Norwegian downsrock band Ups & Downs from Molde 1. Brisbane band Ups and Downs played a brand of ethereal, well-crafted, jangly guitar pop that called to mind Australian post-punk icons The Church. The bands influences also extended to overseas groups like Cocteau Twins, R.E.M., and Flamin' Groovies.
Indeed, the name Ups and Downs was derived from a track on the Flamin' Groovies 1978 album, Now.

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Tabula Rasa

There are several bands named 'Tabula Rasa': a Finnish progressive rock group, a math rock band, a medieval band, a Greek punk band which was active in the 90's, a reggae band from Poland, an acoustic/folk band from Birmingham, UK and a funk-rock band from Solothurn, Switzerland. The following text deals with the progressive rock group: Tabula Rasa was one of the most influencial progressive rock groups of the 1970's in Finland. Tabula Rasa was formed in Kangasala, Finland, in 1972.

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Heidi could refer to: 1) a Danish singer and songwriter, know form the Danish edition of X-Factor. 2) an all girl rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that started in 1999 and dressed like a punk rock field hockey team. They released 2 demos before moving out to California to "make it big" and promptly broke up in 2002 having recorded a full-length album, but never released it.

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A Murder of Crows

There is more than one band named A Murder of Crows: 1. A fledgling hardcore/d-beat outfit from the south west of england. Formed early 2009, they have already cut their first ep (self-titled) and are planning a european tour early next year. Featuring members of Jesus Bruiser, Belladonna and Anti-pack. 2. A musical project of Elliott Smith (billed as Elliott Stillwater-Rotter) and Garrick Duckler. Duckler and Smith had previously played together in Stranger Than Fiction, Smith's high school band, which released three limited-edition cassettes.

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Widows are a 6-piece epic eath rattle 'Gothabilly' sideshow band born from the doomed cracks of Ye-Olde London Towne. Thrust together amongst the stale smog & unrelenting generic music scene, Widows have truly become an exciting & mesmeric tour de force. Their sound is a celebratory tango of mysterious melodies, twisted textures & fetishistic flights of fancy. Songs of Love, Demonic Possession, Non-Conformity & Religious fever, their live experience is an experience rarely found in today's sterile musical climate.