oh ye denver birds

The title "Oh Ye Denver Birds" was taken from a phrase out of the book "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac. Oh Ye Denver Birds is a project formed by Dominic Stephens in late 2008 and has now become a quartet. Oh Ye Denver Birds is known as an ambient, alternative folk band with elements of surf rock and accapella and is based in Brisbane. Some have written "haunted alternative folk with pop sensibilities...Ambient melodies from the early morning, earthly percussion and choir-like harmony". Somewhere between Grizzly Bear and The Beatles.

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Bobby Flynn

Bobby's soaring vocals, supported by the strong, ambient soundscapes of the Omega III, introduces listeners to an atmospheric folk experience.
This luminous ensemble is made up of experienced musicians with a heartfelt connection with the creative process and in simply making and playing music for them and for you.

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D At Sea

Hi! My name's Doyle Perez. I am D At Sea, from Brisbane, Australia.
I am 22 years of age. I love the beach, skateboarding and boost juice. Holy hell, i'm shit scared of spiders and heights ^_^ I'm currently writing my first album. Set to record early 2012 before the apocalypse occurs ;) In the meantime ill be recording covers of my favourite songs. Also, doing a few requests 'cause you peeps are so nice to me I want to give something back.

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Ghostboy with Golden Virtues

Ghost Boy with Golden Virtues is a band based in Brisbane, Australia. They describe themselves as "avant-garde cabaret punk performance art." Their first album, Enter, was released in February 2010. The lead single “Wolfish” received multiple airplay on radio 4ZZZ, Triple J and Rage. The 2nd single from the album was "Love Me". It also included reworkings of Iggy Pop & Serge Gainsbourg songs. The songs and the music are unashamedly explicit and erotically charged.

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the upsteppers

JOEL ALEXANDER: Drums / Cymbals / B.V.
CRYSTAL HILDRED: Trombone Tags: 
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Rob Robot

Rob Robot is the name that unites four dudes who like to play bulk music. Since forming in 2009, Rob Robot have blasted their way onto the local music scene with their unique sound and style which has been described by some as ‘anthematic indie’. Brothers, Pat on guitar and Jak Pearson on bass, developed their love for music early on in a shed in Central Queensland. They are joined by energetic lead vocalist, Jamie Bell, and dynamic drummer Kane Donoghue to produce catchy melodies, melodic riffs and high energy and unpredictably entertaining performances.

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Grand Atlantic

Grand Atlantic are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They blast out a stunning mixture of melodic, hard-hitting rock, often compared to Oasis and Jet but recalling the powerpop sensibilities of Redd Kross or Teenage Fanclub. This band is all about immediate hooks, modern production and a swaggering rhythm section. Their new album, titled ‘How We Survive’ was released in July 2009 by Laughing Outlaw Records in Australia.

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