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bleach boys

There are at least three bands sharing the name Bleach Boys:
1. A surf punk band from Denton, Texas, United States
2. A punk band from London and South East, United Kingdom
3. An Oi! band from Haute-Normandie, France 1. The surf punk band.
Website: 2. The punk band.
Formed in Hitchin 1977 and originally called the Fur Coughs. Their music is described by themselves as:

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The Glimmer

The Glimmer is a 4-piece band from Sydney Australia, whose members played in various projects together over the years including The Mansons and Ruby Sue. The group has 3 lead vocalists, each of whom also plays guitar or bass. The Glimmer are known for their vocal harmonies, influenced by 1960's groups such as The Beatles and Herman's Hermits, and their surfy rock guitar sounds. Tags: 
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The Beat Disease

Formed in early 2007, Melbourne band, The Beat Disease, consist of a trio of Lewis Francis Hodgson (vocals and guitar), Nick "the Infidel" Imfeld (bass and vocals) and Chris Gray (drums).

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Daydream Arcade

Daydream Arcade, five of Melbourne’s freshest indie/rock musicians, literally banded together (pun intended) to create super catchy riffs, lyrics and beats.

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Chook Race

Carolyn, Rob and Matt are Chook Race. A Melbourne garagey three piece band/street gang. Though having only been playing for a short while, Chook Race's garagey surf pop and reputation as an energetic and fun unit has landed them some sweet support spots including the always awesome Sonny and the Sunsets (USA) & Magic Kids (USA)

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The Break

At least 2 bands go by the name of The Break 1) The Break - New Jersey. Most bands in the world can be lumped into one category or another, they are shuffled, redefined, and in that way they begin to lose the qualities that could make them important or meaningful. The greatest bands, the most influential or memorable, are the ones who don't try to fill the role set for them, who don't pursue anything other than the desire to make music, and the need to express that art to an audience. From the start, The Break has had this aesthetic in mind.

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Band Of Frequencies

Sol Carroll - Singer/Guitarist
OJ Newcomb – Acoustic & Electric Bass
Mark Henman - Drums
Byron Bays ‘Band of Frequencies’ bring together elements of soul, psychedelic rock, funk and reggae, blending them all into a hearty roots stew fit to satisfy the hunger of the soul. Sol Carroll fronts the band on guitar and vocals. He plays effortlessly and intuitively, with an almost percussive style at times, and has a unique approach to creating sounds on guitars that has been widely acclaimed by audiences and fellow musicians alike, both at home and abroad.

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Beach Boys

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