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Team Rocket

Team rocket has two meanings:
1. A villainous team from pokemon. The most famous of this teams members being the trio of Jessie, James and Meowth 2.Team Rocket is a Swedish rockband formed in 2005, by singer Frankie Vanceman and gutarist Waylon Brutus. In early 2007, their debut album called "Team Rocket" was finished and is a blend of hardrock, and more straigtforward rock in vein with bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2.

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Eddie Izzard

Edward John Izzard (born February 7, 1962) is a British stand-up comedian and actor. He has a very individual style of rambling, surreal monologue. He has turned his attention to acting as well as maintaining his demanding touring schedule.
Early life and career
Izzard was born in Aden, Yemen, as the youngest son of John and Ella Izzard. In 1963, shortly before Britain abandoned the capital of Aden, the Izzards moved to Northern Ireland.

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Tenacious D

Tenacious D (often referred to as "The D" and sometimes introduced as "The Greatest Band in the world. Period.") is an American satirical rock duo formed by musicians and actors Kyle Gass and Jack Black in Los Angeles, California in 1994. Their music fuses vulgar absurdist comedy with rock music in a style that critics have described as "mock rock". The band first gained reputation in 1999, starring in a self-titled HBO TV series.

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Arj Barker

Arj Barker is San Francisco Bay Area stand up comic. He has been doing his time "in the trenches" of stand up comedy, since the early 1990's. He recently gained some real overdue fame on the HBO show, named and featuring the Flight of the Conchords, on which he plays the character of Dave. Arj has been an outspoken comic, especially on the topic of the LEGALIZATION of Marijuana! Much of his comedy has been labeled as "stoner comedy", although this is an unfair tag, as there is a lot more there than "stoner" comedy...

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Bo Burnham

Ever since his first temper tantrum, Bo knew he wanted to perform. After an awkward “athletic” phase, he started dedicating his time to school theater. He continued to nurture his love for performance, receiving rave reviews from countless relatives. Bo chose to attend an all-boys catholic high school, thus giving his nickname “theater queer” some additional validity. During the fall of his junior year in high school, Bo started teaching himself how to play piano and guitar.

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Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari (born February 23, 1983) is an American actor and comedian. He is best known as one of the stars of the critically acclaimed sketch comedy series Human Giant on MTV, for which he is also a writer and executive producer. Ansari now appears in a new NBC series, Parks and Recreation, from producers of The Office. Official website: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant is an Emmy, British Comedy Award, and three-time BAFTA-winning writer, director, and comedic actor. He is best known for his work with his friend Ricky Gervais in the popular British sitcoms The Office and Extras, and on the Ricky Gervais Show in its radio and podcast forms. Merchant also hosts a radio show on BBC 6 music.

Folk Uke

Folk Uke is Cathy Guthrie, daughter of Arlo Guthrie, and Amy Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson. The duo has a unique folk-pop sound and catchy lyrics, creative lyrics, notably on their original song, "Shit Makes the Flowers Grow."

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Tim Ferguson

Tim Ferguson’s comedy writing masterclasses and personal coaching take the stress out of writing comedy for stage and screen. Tim’s Principles of Comedy, the invisible frameworks that underpin humour, can give you a guide to make the process faster and simpler. (Not easy, but at least you’ll know what you’re doing.) is headed by Australia’s foremost comedy writing teacher – Tim Ferguson. He’s a comedian, screenwriter, movie director and producer. Tim has trained thousands of comedy writers, producers and comedians. Many have gotten their projects made, winning international awards and competitions.

Tim Ferguson has taught comedy screenwriting worldwide, including New York University, Scotland Screen Academy, Australian Film Radio & Television School, RMIT University and Victorian College of the Arts. Tim tours the world performing stand-up and musical comedy. He’s co-written dozens of live stage comedy shows and hundreds of hours of comedy and entertainment TV.

Tim Ferguson has a unique artwork style, original Tim Ferguson AWT (art) work can be commissioned. You can read his memoir Carry A Big Stick. Tags: