Camo, AKA Reini Rietsch was born in 1983 and lives in Salzburg, Austria His first real love was skateboarding. He started in 1992 and is still riding today. His second love came in 2002, when he started trying to get some sort of music out of his computer. A lot has happened since 2002 and now he is one of Austria's most up-and-coming Drum And Bass producers. He spends almost every night making music and collaborating with producers all over Europe. No wonder his university career, study of communications, isn’t going as well as his musical one.

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There are five artists sharing the name Killjoy. 1. Killjoy is a breakcore producer from Sydney, Australia.
Producing and releasing under the name Killjoy (sometimes written kill//joy) since 2002, he has toured in many different countries and released material on major breakcore labels such as Kamikaze Club (Fr), Murder Channel (Jpn) and BRK (Fr). Killjoy CD and Vinyl releases can be purchased at various online record stores including:
Switch Records: (France)
Noise Exchange: (Australia)

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There are two artists with this name: (1) Synkro (also spelled S.Y.N.K.R.O) is a dubstep/2-step producer and DJ based in Manchester, UK.
He has releases on Med School, Z-Audio, Smokin Sessions, On The Edge, Mindset. He describes his music as being deep and bass-driven, and has been played on various radio stations such as Rinse FM, React FM, Frequency FM & BBC Radio1.
myspace (2) Synkro si an industrial/breakcore/experimental artist.

Camo & Krooked

When “one of the biggest talents in Drum’n’Bass” (according to Grooverider), Vienna based Reinhard Rietsch aka CAMO and up- and coming producer Markus Wagner aka KROOKED, who both started producing in 2002, teamed up in 2007 nobody could have guessed what impact their collaboration will have on the scene!
Since then they have written and produced some of the hottest and devastating dancefloor anthems Drum’n’Bass has heard for a long time! Be it the more soulful sound of the massive “Tonight” or the raw power of smashers like “Dakota” (both released on MAINFRAME Rec.

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There are several artists with that name: 1) "Delete" aka Sergio Munoz, an electronic artist / DJ from Caracas, Venezuela. The word ‘delete’ has become a seminal part of our modern lexicon over the past 20 years thanks to the advent of the internet and our global, digital culture. Delete is also the production moniker of an artist who too has been growing over the past 20 years. One whose sound and style are at once rooted in the musical heritage of his native Venezuela and home in the digital diaspora of our globalized techno-culture.

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1) Mashcore/noise producer from Sydney, Australia has been releasing since 2001.
2) Power Violence band formed in Leicester UK in December 2008
3) Australian Metal/Thrash band formed in 2000 by guitarist Mark Woolley Melbourne Australia . Woolley was the long time guitarist for Hobbs Angel of Death. Following the demise of his own project Hatred, Woolley formed Toecutter : and released the 'Lost Culture' album. Band reformed in 2009, to work on new material and a return to live gigging.

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Luke Hoskins has been making this particular sort of music under the name of dRillbit since 2003.
He has appeared on numerous compilation cds and has also released 6 of his own official dRillbit releases: Facebreaks album 2005 (Noise Machine : NOISE:005),
The extreme ultra violence EP (Noise Machine : NICE : 002
The Cheap Arse Shitcore EP Or The Shit Arse Cheapcore EP(God Rekidz : GOD103)
DRILLBIT is SHITHEAD Album, 2006 (Noise Machine NOISE : 008)

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Breakcore producer based in Sydney, Australia. Formerly part of the now-defunct System:Corrupt collective. His hardcore influenced breakcore is known for exceeding speeds of 250bpm, a breakcore record. His work samples extensively from pop songs, ska and other electroacoustic genres. However unlike other artists who employ the popmash, he combines songs at breakneck speeds and with little concern for royalties owed to the artists he samples from. Some of his tracks can employ as many as 90 copyright protected songs over a five minute period.

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