Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy Edgar is the poster child of sound couture. He dropped studies in fashion and design to concentrate on making music, has a background in art production and style. He snatches influences from his native Detroit: its decay, its fashion and its eclectic music scene. Edgar has been stitching beats since he was 10, when he produced sounds electronically and fashioned his first analogue pieces. He was influenced mostly by jazz, funk, street beat and R&B in his early years. Edgar began his career by playing the drums in experimental bands and by making tape recordings.

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There are at least 4 projects with the name "TBA": TBA (1): Natalie Beridze, also known as Tusia Beridze or TBA, is a female electronic musician and short film director from Tbilisi, Georgia. She is also known as a member of Goslab - a Georgian art laboratory. Tusia has worked with Nika Machaidze aka Nikakoi/erast, Thomas Brinkmann, Wechsel Garland and Post Industrial Boys, who have used Tusia's vocals and lyrics in most of their songs.

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Terminal Sound System

The terminal sound system is electronic & acoustic sound production and found-video resynthesis by s.klein and an army of robots, keeping time for armageddon. The tss lives in melbourne, australia, and loves old jazz, nasty drum'n'bass, epic doom riffs, 90s shoegaze, dogs & science fiction.

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Sir Qbik's binary orchestra.
From the magnificent wallop of the opening elicited textures that are well delineated and sumptuous through to the final measures of orgiastic fulfillment, the orchestra will delivered handsomely.

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There is more than one artist called "Deadboy" Based in London, Deadboy is an underground Dj and producer. His sound is part of the new "UK Funky" movement, with the goal of reviving the 2-step scene, which died out in the early 2000s. Reminiscent of the sound of 2-step UK Garage, Deadboy incorporates R&B vocals into his songs which are fresh along with elements of funky house. Deadboy takes influences from many genres as dubstep elements are also noticeable. Recently, his E.

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Spoonbill aka Jim Moynihan grew up in the bush north of Melbourne, Australia, discovering the excitement of playing the drums at the age of 12. He began playing gigs in pubs before legally being allowed to enter. As the years rolled on he moved into the realm of percussion and then shifted his concentration to electronic production, investing in his first sampler in 1998. He has won a range of audio production awards including the first place and peoples choice award, Electrovision, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2004 & 3rd place 2003.

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There are four artists that go by the name Portable: 1.) A Japanese Indies group that focuses on jmixing pop and electronica sounds. The group is made up of 3 members: Yuka (vo), Tatsuo Kimura (programming, synthesizing, composition), and Daisuke Yamaguchi (programming, guitar, composition). They made their first indies single in 2008, entitled EARTH.
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Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars is a duo from Cologne, Germany, that has been making electronic music since 1993. Their music is a quirky and sometimes kitschy blend of techno, trance, and ambient with a heavy dollop of analogue synth sounds. Their music also uses live conventional rock instruments, such as drums, bass, and guitar.

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There are at least nine artists named Desolate. Here are five. 1. Desolate aka Sven Weisemann. "The Invisible Insurrection" was released in February 2011 2. Desolate is a messy chiptune artist from the United States. His music is also described as '8-Bit on Drugs'. He has been releasing tracks through MySpace since 2007. 3. Desolate was a death metal band from Athol, Massachusetts, formed in 1992 and now split up. 4. Desolate is a Progressive Doom Metal band from Sweden.

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