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Psyko Punkz

Psyko Punkz are a force to be reckoned with. From the early days of meeting at the Matrixx Nijmegen(2004), they started talking about their production skills and about doing a track together. It took a couple of years before they started and bought their first studio together. After playing the keys together (February 2008) they felt that something magic happened, PSYKO PUNKZ were born. In the new generation of hardstyle, Psyko Punkz are ready to make the world Psyko.

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Noize Suppressor

Noize Suppressor is an Italian Hardcore-Gabber artist and DJ duo.They started in 1996 after sending a demo tape to D-Boy Records, which was received by Ronnie Lee. The Italian team of Noize Suppressor is formed by Alessandro Dilillo, also known as DJ Bike, and Stefano Soprani (DJ Dek).

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AGT Rave Cru

A DJ / live outfit, perfoming original material, plus rave anthems, classic hardcore, edits, mashups, wonky electro pop madness and a fat dose of breaks. DJ Mag says: "like Altern8 meets 2ManyDJs in fluoro coats and Orbital glasses...beyond insane!" Spannered.org says: "The Chas & Dave of Rave... pure unadulterated fun" Members include Andrew Dobson (Digitonal) and Joshu Doherty (Posthuman) http://www.myspace.com/agtravecru


Toneshifterz, aka Elie & Olcay, is an upcoming hardstyle project from Sydney, Australia. They are signed to Fusion Records, home to famous hardstyle artists like Zany, Noisecontrollers and Donkey Rollers. Their first tracks are called Sahara and Rock Tha Place. They also teamed up with Noisecontrollers, with the track Jaydee as a result. They have also recently released a preview of their new collaboration with Bioweapon: Future of Noize.

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Kicks Like a Mule

Kicks Like A Mule is a rave/electronic music duo consisting of Richard Russell and Nick Halkes. Their first single "The Bouncer" was a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart when it was released in 1992. Although both Halkes and Russell worked at the XL Recordings label at the time of the single's release (XL being run by Russell to this day), it was released on Rebel MC’s independent Tribal Bass label.