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Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil, formerly known as Before Today, are a post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Pierce the Veil were formed in the fall of 1998 under the name Early Times. After recording an EP titled Roots Beneath Ideals, they signed to Equal Vision. Due to copyright issues, the band released their next album, A Celebration of An Ending, under the name Before Today, which was taken from the title of a song off No Turning Back, an EP released under Early Times.

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Scul Hazzards

SCUL HAZZARDs are a guitar based noise rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They make aggressive deconstructionist rock sometimes within pop structures, but often through acting counter to these sensibilities their most unique work is created. Regardless of what path their song writing takes they create dense songs that are complex yet accessible. While their early releases (knee deep in blood that isn’t ours single - self-released, 2006, and House of Heads EP - Valve Records, 2006) were for the most part primal in nature their more recent material (Count Less Dead EP...

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Burning Brooklyn

Striking hard and always pushing forward, BURNING BROOKLYN have no plans of losing momentum any time soon. In fact their plans are quite the opposite. Taking a complete hold upon every audience and keeping full attention of
listeners is something the band have achieved. Now armed with a mission and an unstoppable
determination, BURNING BROOKLYN are pushing their own personal boundaries and aspiring to make connections with people all across the globe.


1) Severin hailed from Washington, DC. and played shows from 1990-1993. Severin releasing four singles; three on Superbad Records, and one on Sub-Pop. In 1992, the band released their only full-length, "Acid To Ashes, Rust to Dust" on Dischord. Characterized by weaving and dueling guitar melodies puncuated by frenetic rhythms, Severin broke genres with urgent pop hooks and dischordant structures.
2) Séverin is a french artist creating synth-style music. Best known for his album Cheesecake.

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Storm the Sky

Storm The Sky was launched in September 2011, receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity for their EP teaser music video, launched alongside the page, helping them to gain over 1000 Facebook ‘likes’ in their first five hours. The band has now released their 7-track self-titled EP, recorded at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney, with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and the immense hype has continued.

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1) VICES are a six piece alternative rock band from the South of England, which unusually contains 3 guitars. They've been around for the last 2 and a half years, though they've been playing music for over the past 10 and their music has been described as a bar brawl between 'The Strokes' and 'The Rolling Stones' They've played such high profile gigs at Camden barfly, Proud Galleries, The Boogaloo and The Louisiana in the UK. They've even rocked the house at The Roxy on Sunset and the infamous Viper Rooms in LA, USA.

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Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club is an indie rock/hardcore band from Rochester and Syracuse, New York. A demo released in 2005 brought them much attention, and was a precursor to their first EP, The Redder, the Better, released in Summer 2006 on Triple Attack and Luchador Records. The EP contained catchy, pop-punk songs with lots of of opportunities for energetic sing-a-longs, and was found to be a fan and zine favorite throughout the year.

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Oceans Away

Oceans Away are a 5 piece band with half the band from the Gold Coast the other hailing from Brisbane, Queensland. With each member having their own unique tastes in music Oceans Away have managed to create a sound that is fresh in a stale sounding genre.
Oceans Away are:
Benny - Vox
Matt - Guitars / Vox
Chris - Guitars
Jason - Bass
Shannon - Drums

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