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A new Brisbane four-piece, formed originally in 2009 as Broken Silence but adopting the Kinoath moniker early 2010, they play a blend of heavy metal riffage with a catchy hard rock aesthetic. The group originally formed in halves - George Phillips (lead guitar) and Mitch Gardner (bass) having been school friends for years and in previous bands together before they filled the spots lacking in the band started by Jake Kowalonek (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jasper Warmington (drums).

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Defiance, Ohio

Defiance, Ohio is a punk band from Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows. They are named (tongue in cheek) after the real town Defiance, Ohio. The band has a unique line-up for a punk act, featuring violin, cello, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and electric bass (formerly an upright bass). Since Defiance, Ohio formed in 2002 they have released four full length LPs, Share What Ya Got, The Great Depression, The Fear, the Fear, the Fear, Midwestern Minutes and several singles, B sides and split EPs.

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Apparently There are three artists of this name - a French coldwave band, an Australian hardcore band and a English dubstep producer. 1) IRRELEVANT is the French band - the project of ASYLUM PARTY’s frontman.
After 15 years of resolution of AP, Philippe - the singer backed with his own project.
The music featured on irrelevant might modestly reminded of Asylum Party's achievements but the overall mood of compositions is rather introspective and gloomy. Discography Black sheep (2004) CD
(infrastition - FIN 001)

Jello Biafra

Eric Reed Boucher (born June 17, 1958) is more widely known by the stage name Jello Biafra. A punk rock musician, political activist and owner of an influential record label, he is best known for his time as the lead singer and song writer for San Francisco punk band, the Dead Kennedys. After his time with the band concluded, he continued as a musician in numerous collaborations and as a spoken word artist. Through his record label, Alternative Tentacles, he released many of his own recordings. Politically, he is a member of the Green Party and actively supports progressive political causes.

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Relient K

Relient K is an American rock band formed in 1998 in Canton, Ohio by Matt Thiessen, Brian Pittman, and Matt Hoopes during the band's junior year in high school and their time at Malone College. The group is associated with the Contemporary Christian Music culture, most notably the Christian rock and Christian punk scene. Despite being a Christian band the group has performed alongside secular artists. The band has reached critical success with mainstream pop punk and alternative rock.

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I Am the Avalanche

I Am The Avalanche is a five piece punk band from Brooklyn, NY featuring the vocals of Vinnie Caruana previously of The Movielife. Other members include Brett Romnes on drums, Michael Ireland on guitar, Brandon Swanson on guitar and Kellen Robson on bass.
IATA put out their self-titled debut on Drive-Thru records in 2005. Their second full length, entitled Avalanche United, was released October 11, 2011 through I Surrender records.

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Clowns the Punk Rock band from Melbourne ,Australia has been touring non stop and writing since the start of 2009, they formed after two previous bands deceased, the musical geniuses then found each other, and which is now CLOWNS. They released there debut E.P on August 14th at the RATS Underground club in Melbourne, they have also gained alot of recognition from Triple J Unearthed and were even holding there track, Shes a Slut at a 2nd position on the charts, check out there latest E.P on there myspace at:

Old Ghosts

Hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY. Formed in early 2011, former members of Dead Hearts, xEnvyx, The Control, The Grail and The Pavers.
<a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?bem7b22deud4fxl" rel="nofollow">www.mediafire.com/?bem7b22deud4fxl</a> 2011 demo
<a href="http://old-ghosts.bandcamp.com" rel="nofollow">http://old-ghosts.bandcamp.com</a> website Harks from the West Country, The River Kennet Delta. There is also a band from London sharing this name, as well as a progressive post-hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.