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Break Even

There is more than one artist with that name: 1. Since forming in the suburbs of Perth in 2005, Break Even have endured almost every experience a young band can; the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The former includes putting out 2 successful releases and touring the country countless times with some of the biggest names in local and international hardcore. The latter on the other hand, includes undergoing numerous lineup changes and on a greater scale, a tragedy in the death of a band member.

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Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Shotpointblank formed in late 1999 and play a hard, fast and aggressive brand of hardcore fusing traditional ‘core with elements of metal, hints of melody, and crunching dance parts and breakdowns. Lyrically the band is not afraid to speak their mind retaining the heartfelt honesty that the hardcore scene has built itself up on, finding a common ground between the individual beliefs of the various members which range from straightedge to veganism, and use it to confront issues that face us all as individuals and as society as a whole.

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Coming from Newcastle Australia, this five piece delivers a unique blend of heavy hardcore and metal, keeping it as original as possible by staying away from latest trends, which is due to a diverse range of influences. Their well received debut album MISSING LIMBS was released on Trial and Error records in april 07. Dropsaw released their second album in 08 titled VICTIMS OR KILLERS. The album was recorded in Melbourne with the help of The Red Shores Roman Koester.

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Battletruk are four mates who defy trends and play hardcore that they grew up on. Straight up no bullshit punk influenced short fast nasty songs to mosh to. Currently just released a split with friends Pillar of Hope, called Battle of Hope on beerfridgerecords/MGM (avail now at all good record stores on OZ). After successful launches in Aug, the next stop is a Madball support followed by a show with The Dead Walk. checkout their myspace (battletrukhc).

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Vultures may refer to: 1) An up-and-coming melodic hardcore band from Melbourne established late in 2008 . Played with the likes of Iron Mind, Break Even, Carpathian, Have Heart and 50 Lions in their short career. They have already released two demos which are available for free download on their MySpace ( Heading into the studio mid-May 2010, Vultures will record their first EP, 'I Don't Blame you', featuring six new tracks and one re-recorded track.

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