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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (since 2004 known simply as Blues Explosion) is an American garage rock band, which was formed in New York in 1990. Singer Jon Spencer was previously the leader of the noise punk band Pussy Galore before hooking up with Judah Bauer (guitar) and Russell Simins (drums) to form the Blues Explosion, a band that was part of the 1990s alternative rock boom. This bass-less combo had their breakthrough in 1993 with the album "Extra Width" on Crypt Records. In 1994 "Orange", a more accessible album followed along with a growing base of fans.

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Bridge And Tunnel

There is more than one artist with this name: Bridge and Tunnel (NY) are an LI-based band with ex-members of Slingshot Dakota, Latterman, Regarding, I and a member of Fellow Project. Presently they have two EPs, a split with Young Livers, and a full length (East/West) out on No Idea records, as well as an EP on Yo Yo Records. Bridge and Tunnel (UK) are a London-based pair of electronic musicians specialising in drifting but melodic music, typically heavily laden with weird samples and abused instruments.

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Cartel is the name of at least six different groups:
1. An American pop rock band
2. A German-Turkish hip hop group
3. A British band
4. A collaboration between DJs John Askew and John O'Callaghan
5. An American hip hop producer
6. An Australian rock group 1. Cartel is an American pop rock band which formed in Conyers, Georgia in 2003. The band consists of Will Pugh (vocals, guitar), Joseph Pepper (guitar), Nic Hudson (guitar), Jeff Lett (bass) and Kevin Sanders (drums). The band is best known for their 2006 single "Honestly".

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat are an indie-rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They formed in 1999 as a synthpunk band with Matt Marnik, who eventually left the band, on lead vocals. Steve Bays (vocals and keyboards) took over lead vocals, significantly changing the band's sound. The rest of the band is currently composed of Paul Hawley (drums), Parker Bossley (bass), and Luke Paquin (guitar). Paquin replaced former guitarist, Dante DeCaro, while Bossley recently replaced bassist Dustin Hawthorne. The band's name was contrived by drummer Paul Hawley.

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Coldplay is a British alternative rock band, formed in London, United Kingdom in 1997. The band comprises vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion. Having released four successful albums, (all of which debuted at #1 on the UK album chart) Coldplay have also achieved great success with their singles, such as Yellow, Speed Of Sound, the Grammy-winning Clocks and the US and UK #1 single Viva La Vida. Frontman Chris Martin credits 1980s Norwegian pop band a-ha for inspiring him to form his own band.

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The Red Paintings

THE RED PAINTINGS (TRP) are a progressive rock / theatrical performance group who incorporate themed costumed stage shows, live art, visual projections (working with local and international artists), human canvases. The bands’ sound and live show is described by fans and press as orchestral art rock. Last month, The Red Paintings (TRP) posted a message on Facebook promising that if 1000 Australian fans hit ‘’LIKE’’ on the post, TRP would return to Australia to play all Capital cities in the summer of 2011/2012.

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The Vignettes

vi·gnette /v?n--y?t/ [vin-yet] Since their inception in 2006, The Vignettes have been rising through the ranks of the Sydney live scene with their twisted take on garage rock and visually entertaining show impressing all in their wake. But with a sound that would give any larger band a run for their rock n roll dollars, two is all it takes for The Vignettes. Born out of a chance meeting between Joel and Katie at a New Years Eve party, The Vignettes experimented with a number of different line-ups before stripping it back to only two.

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