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Self is a Seed

Self is A Seed release 'Gratis' online everywhere. This free EP showcases 3 tracks from their debut album 'Siren' (released Oct 25th 2012). Featuring the new single RFID these 3 rock anthems are accompanied by an acoustic version of 'Pirate', one of Self Is A Seed's heavier moments from their debut. This version lets fans and new comers alike experience the versatility of this band on the rise. The anticipation builds as Self Is A Seed prepare to release. From Spotify to Pirate Bay, the free EP 'Gratis' is available now... EVERYWHERE!

Upcoming Events for Self is a Seed

There are no Upcoming Events for this Artist (that we know of)...if there is an Event we don't know about, please tell us via the Contact link above.