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Jeff The Brotherhood

Jeff The Brotherhood is Jake Orrall and Jamin Orrall , two brothers that play drums and guitar. They grew up in Tennessee making music and trying to have a good time. Since their inception they have been playing anywhere from house parties to rooftops, backyards, bars and art galleries and releasing their own records, tapes, comic books and home made videos. The Brotherhood has been called "kraut punk", "psychedelic grunge" and "noise pop" drawing comparisons to bands like Hawkwind, Wipers, and early Sonic Youth.

Hatchet Dawn

A new dawn of darkness… Hatchet Dawn is a unique entity within the heavy music scene, pumping out original groove crushing metal with a touch of haunting graveyard class. Hatchet Dawn have created a charm of spooky, convivial black rock ranging in a diverse mix of heavy styles to form a experience like none other, along with a live show momentous to Halloween not only being a onetime annual event.

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Only in the Dubstep scene a short time, 21 year old Datsik (Troy Beetles) has wasted no time by making his presence be known internationally, introducing his own unique style of industrial sounding futuristic beats and heavy dance floor stomping rhythms. His latest successes on the Beatports “Top Download” charts are a testament that his music is being recognized by listeners all over the world, with multiple releases hitting number 1 on Beatport for extended periods of time.

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The Shire

The Shire are a Heavy band from the Central Coast, formed late 2010. Their main interests are to play shows and write music other people will enjoy as much as they do!

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Conceived in early 2006, Defamer are a five-piece Death Metal band based in Brisbane who draw influence from most facets of extreme metal, though mainly death and black. In March/April of 2007 they recorded a four song demo with MKH (Carbon, Astriaal), which was then mastered by Aphotic Mote (Portal) and are now looking forward to recording and releasing a full length album at some point in 2008. The new full length album is called chasm, and has already been recorded.

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Delta Heavy

Delta Heavy was born the moment Ben Hall and Si James decided to pursue their ambition of mediocre fame, semi fortune and making loud music, in the hope of averting forty long years in an office. Despite a complete lack of production experience, three years of hard work paid off when their track Abort was released on Viper Recordings in mid 2010. Having been a regular on dance floors all year, it topped download charts and received support on Radio 1 from Zane Lowe and others.

se bon ki ra

"Se bon ki ra", a Haitian proverb meaning Good is Rare, is a reflection of the current state of world affairs, human nature, governing bodies and the universe in general Presenting Australia’s next up and coming metal project featuring ex and current members from Sector III, Chakkra, Hammad, Fury, Obdurate Seduction and Truth Corroded. Since sebonkira's first show in November 07 they been busy on the local scene.

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1)Temple is a very underground band from Cologne (Germany). The second wave of krautrock, like PATER NOSTER, SIDDHARTA etc..., let's consider them a "space rock" band with funk, pre-doom and proto-punk elements. The music, full of mellotron, moog, organ, guitar fuzz... - Joachim Weiss / Bass
- Otto Bretnacher / Drums & percurssions
- Heinz Kramer , Rolf Foller / Guitars
- Zeus B. Held / Organ & keyboards
- Poseidon / vocals
- Pauline Fund / Vocals, Tambourine

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OUTRIGHT IS A HARDCORE BAND... started in late 2005 Asuy,Ryan,Ricky and Bart want to make a band start with a cover song of Biohazard,Ryker's and hatebreed.We have no idea for the name so we called OUTRIGHT we play a new new style of music ,a not so fast hardcore but heavy as shit we called it SUPER GROOVE POWER CHORDS,after 3 years finally we've just released our debut album "HARDCORE STRIKES BACK" under CROSSOVER records http://www.myspace.com/outrightstrikesback

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