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From Adelaide.
We'r called Remassacre.
We are a 5 piece heavy hardcore metal band.
We have a demo out and are looking forward to releasing an EP some time at the end of the year or start of next year. They're Demo has 4 songs.
1.You Stand For Nothing
3.A Door best left closed.
4.Naughts and burning crosses They are a fucking sick band haha

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The professional part(y)... After sharing the stage in various punk bands; 2009 saw four friends with similar dreams come together to write and record some of the most fun, heartdriven and diverse songs in Australian punk rock. Drawing influence from the greater world of music, the band has managed to create a sound which clashes with many a genre; yet always carries the passion of its driving p...unk rock roots.

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The Honey Pies

A band from Adelaide, Australia. We are The Honey Pies: Jon Marco, Tony Marshall, Tom McCarthy-Jones and Marcus Warnecke. And we hail from the frog-cake/serial killer capital of Australia: (R)Adelaide. If you enjoy eating frog-cakes and/or killing strings of people, then you'll loooooooooooooooooove THE HONEY PIES. 'The Honey Pies deliver on all accounts. Their sound is eclectic yet infinitely accessible.

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Cheer Advisory Council

Cheer Advisory Council formed in Adelaide, Australia in late 2008. At its biggest, the Council now boasts seven members, even reclaiming the bassoon as the rock instrument it always knew it could be. The band's dusky, smoky feel, with slow tempos and crashing crescendos, is reminiscent of the music of Low, The National, Midlake and Wilco. Their first album, 'Distance', will be released independently on 30 April 2011, featuring many group harmonies, some pop hooks and one big guitar solo.

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Grong Grong

Following a support to the Dead Kennedys, Grong Grong impressed Jello Biafra so much that he offered them a deal with Alternative Tentacles. The self titled EP featured one studio side (recorded as part of winning a battle of the bands contest) and a live side recorded at the Seaview Ballroom in St-Kilda (Melbourne). Unfortunately, as luck would have it when the EP was released lead singer Michael was in a coma for a number of years following a drug overdose which put Grong Grong on hiatus.

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Geordie Little

Geordie Little writes his own fingerstyle compositions which incorporate contemporary classical compositions with offbeat rhythmic tapping and discordant open tunings. Starting off busking and playing at wineries around the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Geordie recorded his debut album "Neukölln" in Berlin as well as the film "the Stoop Sessions", both released early 2012.

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Eight Letters Late

New and energetic pop-punk from Adelaide, Australia! That’s exactly what Eight Letters Late is. Having spent the year switching and chopping through members whilst jamming at local gigs all over the state, the boys are now set with a permanent five piece line up and solid material to be released before the years out. They’re just young dudes who hate school but love music, so if you’re from little’ol Adelaide come check em’ out and if not crank the tunes online.

Sincerely, Grizzly

Not many people know this, but a friend of mine was in japan last year, possibly the year before, anyway, they were over there over valentines day and they were feeling very lonely and didn’t know who to write a valentines day card to, so they chose Grizzly, the character of Super Crunchy Fun Grizzly, who was the character of a Japanese cereal. Anyway he got a letter back the very next day, signed Sincerely, Grizzly.

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