Magic Kids

There are six of them: Al, Ben, Will, Michael, Alice, and Bennett. They're from Memphis. Their debut album is called "Memphis" and was released on 24th August 2010. According to The Guardian, "their songs are so Beach Boys 1963-4 they should only be heard in a Deuce Coupe."
They have a new official video out of "Superball" available on youtube.

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Vashti Bunyan

Vashti Bunyan is an English singer who was publicized to be the next Marianne Faithfull and the female version of Bob Dylan back in the mid-60s. Several singles were released in the 1960s to some mild success. Bunyan also released the LP, Just Another Diamond Day, in 1970 which consisted of songs written while traveling in a horse drawn gypsy cart. Critics panned the album and a discouraged Vashti soon disappeared from the music scene.

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Emperors started out in 2009 as a studio project with Adam Livingston and Greg Sanders having the common goal of writing catchy, loud pop music without any trace of cynicism or pretension. The songs combine rich melodies, anthemic vocals and abrasive guitars with the influences being varied, but firmly entrenched in 90’s indie rock and 80’s punk.
So what began as an inebriated, weekly ritual in a North Perth apartment developed over the next year until it became a poorly rehearsed but passionate rock n roll machine.

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Hey Geronimo

Formerly known as Hey Ho Geronimo, Hey Geronimo are a conglomeration made up of Brisbane, Australia's indie-pop bands Blame Ringo, The Boat People and Montpelier. In 2011, they created an iPhone-inspired <a href="" rel="nofollow">music video</a> to their song Why Don't We Do Something? that gained some notoriety for the band.
Tony Garrett - Drums
Greg Chiapello - Bass
Pete Kilroy - Guitar
Andrew Stone - Keys
Rosco Pearson - Guitar Tags: 

Black Dice

Black Dice are an experimental group based in Brooklyn. They formed in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1997, comprising members Bjorn Copeland (guitar), Hisham Bharoocha (drums) (following a short drumming stint by Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale), Sebastian Blanck (bass) and Eric Copeland (vocals). After the band relocated to new york City, Sebastian Blanck left and was replaced by Aaron Warren. Hisham Bharoocha had previously sung for Lightning Bolt and is currently working on other projects, but he left the band too and is now working as a solo musician Soft Circle.

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Seagull refers to two different bands, one based in Melbourne, Australia; the other in the UK. They are listed below in order of popularity. 1. Seagull is Melbourne dweller Chris Bolton, sometimes joined by Ed Bolton (bass) Kishore Ryan (drums) and Michael Zulicki (percussion, melodica) and occasionally, Blake Byron-Smith, who provides visuals. Seagull’s debut album Goodbye Weather was released early June of 2008 on the Two Bright Lakes label to local acclaim.

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Datarock is a Norwegian band. The band describes their sound as "a mixture of musical styles like." A trio of friends, Fredrik Saroea, Ketil Mosnes and Kevin O'Brien, conceived the group while at a festival in Bergen, and soon hired Tom Mæland. O'Brien and Mæland later left the band, but the duo of Saroea and Mosnes continued the project. The band members list their major artistic influences as Devo, Talking Heads and the Happy Mondays.

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White Rabbits

White Rabbits come to New York via the arid plains of the Mid West. For their first record, they managed to catch the attention of Say Hey Records and producer Chris Zane (Shy Child, Asobi Seksu, Les Savy Fav). Their second album, "It's Frightening," was produced by Britt Daniel (Spoon). Lead by dual vocalists, Greg Roberts (Guitar / Vox) and Steve Patterson (Piano / Vox), the 6 piece is rounded out by Alex Even (Guitar / Vox), Brian Betancourt (Bass), Matt “The Duck” Clark (Drums) and Jamie Levinson (Drums).


Cynosure is a group of 6 musicians between the ages of 18-21 concentrating mainly on the genres of alternative\ slow rock music. They have been in the music industry close to 2 years and have performed in many events and competitions, the highlight of it being Sri Lanka’s premier event for local artists, TNL Onstage. This group of individuals first formed in school as teenagers and from there on developed into one of Sri Lanka’s well know Alternative bands. Some of the bands highlights are, competing and entering the finals of TNL onstage in the year 2005 and also in 2006.

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