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Torn Asunder

There are two bands called Torn Asunder:
1)From Essex in the UK and
2)From Connecticut in the US. 1)Torn Asunder from Essex, are a group with truely international experience, spanning several decades and styles. The two brothers, Marcus and Spence, have been playing in various bands together for years. The brothers then met up with Gaz and Steevi. Torn Asunder is Gaz's first band as a lead vocalist, having playing guitar in covers bands prior to this.

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Red Jezebel

Perth based Red Jezebel formed in 1997, taking their name from a code-word utilised in a local supermarket chain, the original four-piece consisting of Paul Wood (Vocals & Guitar), Chris Hayes (Guitar), Mark Cruickshank (Bass) & Alex Hyman (Drums). In November 2004 the band parted on good terms with a newly-wed Chris Hayes and guitar duties were taken on by WAMI award-winning producer Dave Parkin (Snowman, Bob Evans, The Panda Band, The Exploders).

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Labrinth (b. Timothy McKenzie), is a UK rapper, singer-songwriter & producer (currently, signed to Syco). He rose to national fame in 2010, for his work with Tinie Tempah, on: chart-topper Pass Out & #2-hit follow-up Frisky. Let The Sun Shine, Labrinth's d├ębut solo single, was released on September 27th 2010 and debuted at #3 on the UK Singles Chart after a highly publicised chart battle with long-time collaborator Tinie Tempah.