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Spew was an Industrial Punk party band based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Formed in 1999, their songs are a mix of Industrial and Metal, with socially conscious lyrics. Their debut album, Statistic, was released in March of 2000, with Aaron Spew going Vocals/Guitar/Programming and Wil Spew on Bass. Other contributors to the Statistic album include Blaknite-X, Guide, Binary and Junky. After selling a couple hundred CDs over the internet, Aaron and Wil decided to put a real band together and start gigging.

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The Wreckery

THE WRECKERY are a Melbourne based formed by Hugo Race and Ed Clayton-Jones on their return home from tenure with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in Europe and the U.S.A. Robin Casinader joined on drums having played with Hugo and Ed in the art punk outfit Plays with Marionettes. Nick Barker and Charles Todd finished the line up on bass and sax respectively. THE WRECKERY were a big hit on the live circuit and had a large and loyal following.

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Laconica is a dark, melancholy-pop, solo music project of New York native, Justin D’Amico. A child of the ‘80s, Justin has imbued Laconica with stylistic nods to the earlier efforts of The Cure, and Siouxsie & The Banshees while also incorporating some of the electro / industrial influences so much loved by fans of the wide Goth genre. In an attempt to categorize his music in relation to his influences, Justin has dubbed Laconica's style as "post-goth" and hopes to see this label gain currency among music writers discussing bands that are actually known to the public.


1)Tottenham based grime outfit now called Bloodline 2)Greg Szathmary aka Meridian from Hungary started composing music back in 1996. He went through all the steps in the progression electronic musicians usually do. Trackers, Reason, Cubase, soft synths, hardware stuffs spiced with some musical education. He learned playing piano and dealt with music theory as well.
His first real success was to get into the best 15 tracks in the Oceanlab Satellite remix contest. Since then he developed his producing skills to reappear on stage again with Emphase.

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Death of Art

They are a canvas of black, purple and blood red with 'Death' being the artwork. Join Death of Art as they take you on an emotive journey through the dark realm. Music for the eyes and ears with their theatrical style live show incorporating props, dance and a lot of energy! Erin's vocals and performance style take you from classical through to heavy rock and back again with her unique combination of these styles. Marilyn Manson meets Evanescence....

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The Sisters of Mercy

Originating from Leeds, the Sisters of Mercy were described by critic Steve Huey as playing "a slow, gloomy, ponderous hybrid of metal and psychedelia, often incorporating dance beats." The one constant in the band's career has been deep-voiced singer Andrew Eldritch. The band is named after the Leonard Cohen song "Sisters Of Mercy" according to Eldritch. The band originally formed in 1980 with guitarist Gary Marx and drummer-turned-vocalist Eldritch.

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