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Line Drawings

Line Drawings have just released their debut album take/over. Take/over was crafted in the summer of 2009/10 at various places in Sydney’s inner- west, and later polished at either side of the Pacific by Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Josh Pyke, Youth Group) and Bob Weston (Sebadoh, Archers Of Loaf). ‘Take/over’ calls to mind the places it was made. Its dissonant and dirty guitars recall the sounds of quintessential Australian indie rock while the easy complexity of the rhythm section would not be out of place in Chicago.

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Laconica is a dark, melancholy-pop, solo music project of New York native, Justin D’Amico. A child of the ‘80s, Justin has imbued Laconica with stylistic nods to the earlier efforts of The Cure, and Siouxsie & The Banshees while also incorporating some of the electro / industrial influences so much loved by fans of the wide Goth genre. In an attempt to categorize his music in relation to his influences, Justin has dubbed Laconica's style as "post-goth" and hopes to see this label gain currency among music writers discussing bands that are actually known to the public.