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Chocolate Starfish

Chocolate Starfish were an Australian rock music group based in Melbourne, Australia, releasing a number of hits in the early 1990s, before disbanding in 1998. The original line up featured Craig Harnath ( Kids in the Kitchen) , Brett Kingman ( James Rayne), John Justin (Himself) and Bruce Pawsey (Kate Ceberano) and was born from the desparate cover band scene of the early 1990s. Scottish frontman Adam Hootsman emigrated to Melbourne from the scottish village of Shepparton, in the outter hebrides. He remained as the only original member until the bands demise. Tags: 
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Guineafowl is an unsigned six-piece band from Sydney, Australia. The music video for their single, Botanist, was featured in Rage's Top Fifty Clips of '09. Tags: 
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“With roots in pop, r&b and atmospheric electronica (think Stereolab and Prefuse 73), Danimals are as fun as they are interesting.” Online Guru

Danimals send reverb-soaked, summery vocals, layered and looped over and over, with strong groove rhythms and playful accents of quirky R&B pop. Initially they hold your attention because of their charm, but the longer you listen, the more the nuanced, developed production shines through.

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Shane Nicholson

The Brisbane-born Shane Nicholson is an accomplished singer-songwriter with two critically acclaimed, yet commercially unsuccesful albums under his name - 'It's A Movie' and 'Faith & Science' - and a best-selling duet album with wife Kasey Chambers under the name Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson 'Rattlin Bones'. He also released 2 EPs and an album with his band Pretty Violet Stain, who broke up in 2001.

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From Melbourne, Australia, Beaches are Antonia Sellbach (Love of Diagrams) on guitar and vocals, Alison Bolger (Panel of Judges) on guitar and vocals, Ali McCann on guitar and vocals, Gill Tucker (Spider Vomit) on bass and vocals and Karla Way on drums and vocals. Their debut, self-titled album, released in November 2008, 'reflects the shared musical loves of Beaches, from 1960s hit parades to 1970s psychedelia, shoegaze to prog, southern boogie to krautrock.'

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Bunny Monroe

Sex Appeal without the gimmicks - these girls don't need to rely on common girl-band cliches to get their message across. The show speaks for itself, and songs of debauchery and mayhem are more biographical than hypothetical. Five girls who came together through Melbournes best RnR venue, Cherry Bar, unwittingly form the sexiest "paint-melting" lineup since The Runaways. More than just pretty faces, Bunny Monroe deliver fast, chaotic balls-to-the-walls (or should that be boobs to the walls?) rock music and a wild live show - the Girls wanna be her and the boys. Tags: 
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James Reyne

November 2015 sees the release of ALL THE HITS LIVE, an album recorded earlier in the year at Perth's Astor Theatre. James released a brand new album THIRTEEN in March 2012, containing the singles English Girls, Capsize and Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

James Reyne came to recognition to the Australian public as lead singer of classic Australian band Australian Crawl in the 1970's. They had a number of hits including "Reckless", "Boys Light Up", "Beautiful People", "Shutdown", "Errol", "Oh No Not You Again" and "Downhearted"
After the band split in 1986, James spent some time in the United States and Europe, returning to Australia in 1987.

His first solo album, "JAMES REYNE" (1987) went triple platinum and included three top 10 singles: "Fall Of Rome", "Hammerhead" and "Motors Too Fast". Other singles from this album included "Always The Way" and "Ript It Up".

In the following years James released more solo albums, "HARD REYNE" (1989) which contaimed the Top 40 singles "House Of Cards", "One More River" and "Trouble In Paradise".
In 1991 James returned with his most successful Australian album "ELECTRIC DIGGER DANDY"(1991), which effortlessly mirrored the success of the first. This album contained the smash hits "Slave", "Any Day Above Ground" and "Some People'", plus a reworking of the Aussie Crawl song "Reckless".

James joined country music star James Blundell and recorded the classic Dingoes song "WAY OUT WEST" which exploded into the number 1 position on the Australian charts in 1992.

He next joined Daryl Braithwaite, Jef Scott and Simon Hussey on the very successful album "THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS" in 1993 which included the top 40 hits "Motor City", "Sweet Love" and "Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star".

James then returned to Los Angeles to record with renowned producer Stewart Levine, arriving back in 1994 with the critically acclaimed CD "THE WHIFF OF BEDLAM". The album was a departure in sound for James and featured a more organic sound, complete with brass section. The album spawned the hits "Red Light Avenue", "Day In The Sun" and the final single "It's Only Natural" in 1995.

While touring the album in Australia and overseas during this period, James released the energetic and profilic double Live album titled LIVE IN RIO, recorded in Brazil. A single "Oh No Not You Again" was featured from this CD.

Throughout his career James has appeared in several and varied theatrical, film and television productions and concert events, the more visible of these including "Return To Eden", "Tina; What's Love Got To Do With It?", television drama "State Coroner" and "The Little Shop Of Horrors" (1996)

While signing to Roadshow Music in 1997, James headed into the studio with famed producer and produced a single "Brand New Emperor's Clothes", to be featured on a forthcoming album.

In 1999 James recorded and released the CD "DESIGN FOR LIVING" with friends and brothers Scott and Brett Kingman. Arguably the most critically applauded album of his career, it further cemented his position as a unique, witty, thoughtful and challenging songwriter and singer. This album featured the singles "Wonderful Today", "Not Waving, Drowning" and the classic live favourite "Reno".

2004 saw the completion of "SPEEDBOATS FOR BREAKFAST", released on Liberation Records. It was a self funded project and saw James break free of the record company restrictions and allowed to him to be in control creatively. Radio-only singles "Bug" and "Rainbows Dead End" were featured on this CD.
Rainbows Dead End Music Video:

As part of the Liberation Blue Accoustic series, James released two highly successgful accoustic albums in recent times. …"AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON"" which allowed James to revisit many of the above titles with little more than a lone acoustic guitar underpinning the most distinctive voice of his generation.
More reworkings of his solo and Australian Crawl material were sounded on "GHOST SHIP" released in 2007.

2007 saw the release of James 8th Studio album. "EVERY MAN A KING" closing a 30-year circle since James first led Australian Crawl into the front line of the Oz rock boom. His eye and pen grew sharper through a platinum-lined solo career, but never have his wit and poignancy been on more consistently solid musical ground than they are here. Stand-out tracks include "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day", "Light In The Tunnel" and "The Postman".

Following a live DVD release in late 2007, titled "One Night In Melbourne", a CD/DVD of the show was available in 2009. The show was filmed and recorded at Melbourne's Palais Theatre and saw James perform 30 songs from his vast catalogue.

One project, titled JAMES REYNE SINGS THE KING has James performing and re-interpreting 14 classic Elvis Presley songs. The album TCB was released in April 2010. A dedicated website has been set up to support the project.

A new album, Thirteen was released in March 2012.

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Mark Maher (aka Kram) is the drummer/singer of Australian band Spiderbait. He also appeared at the 2004 benefit concert for the South-East Asian tsunami, Wave Aid, as a member of supergroup The Wrights who performed Stevie Wright's 3 part classic, "Evie". When it came time to cut a solo album, Spiderbait’s co-vocalist and percussive lynchpin Kram had a deceptively simple philosophy. “I wanted it to be like a radio station where all the songs sound like different bands but its all played by one person,” he explains.

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