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Cosmic Psychos

The Cosmic Psychos are a rock band based in Melbourne and rural Victoria in Australia. An underground band that has only ever achieved limited recognition, they were cited as a significant influence on the Seattle grunge scene of 90s. In particular they have been referenced by members of Mudhoney and Pearl Jam and have supported both bands. Known for their droning, fuzzed-out bass and wah-wah guitar with repetitive lyrics, the Cosmic Psychos have a simple sound that works well in context and remained largely untouched since they formed in 1982 when they evolved from the short lived Bum Steers and first achieved notoriety for their demo ‘Custom Credit’ which received enormous airplay on Melbourne public radio station 3PBS.

It was later released on the Down On The Farm mini LP for Mr Spaceman Records which also released their debut LP. The band later moved to Survival Records releasing Go The Hack which was later licensed to Sub Pop Records. They eventually signed to Amphetamine Reptile Records for the American market for the release of their 1991 album, Blokes You Can Trust. That album was produced by then little-known producer, Butch Vig and it produced a song that became an enduring fan favourite, "Dead Roo". A song about perils of Australian highway hazards.

The band went on to release Self Totalled and Oh What a Lovely Pie. In 2006, after a lengthy quiet period, the Psychos issued Off Ya Cruet on Sydney’s Timberyard Records. Notable for being recorded with a new drummer, the title track on album is Kill Bill, a bitter song for ex-drummer, Bill Walsh.

The band was also covered by UK band The Prodigy who released a version of "Feel My Fire" co written with L7 which was largely based on a previous Cosmic Psychos tune "Lost Cause".

Known for their hard drinking behaviour and vulgar lyrics, the Cosmic Psychos are one of the defining bands of the yob rock genre, a movement that celebrates the Australian male lifestyle. Other bands include The Onyas and The Vee Bees.

Robbie "Rocket" Watts

Robbie Watts, joined the band in 1990 until his death on July 1st 2006 following a show in Bendigo. His first album with the psychos, Blokes You Can Trust, was produced by Butch Vig, fresh from completing Nevermind.

Post Rocket Period

The band did not perform live for some time after Robbie Watts' death. In June 2007, the band went on an Australian tour with Sydney's legendary punk band, The Celibate Rifles. Playing guitar in place of Watts, is John McKeering from The Onyas.


* Down on the Farm (1985)
* Cosmic Psychos (1987)
* Go the Hack (1989)
* Slave to the Crave, Live at the Palace, Melbourne (1990)
* Blokes you can trust (1991)
* Down on the Farm & Cosmic Psychos (1991)
* Palomino Pizza (1993)
* Self totalled (1995)
* Oh what a lovely Pie (1997)
* 15 Years, a Million Beers (2001)
* Off Ya Cruet (2006)
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Mudhoney is an alternative rock band. Formed in Seattle, Washington, USA, in 1988 following the demise of Green River, Mudhoney's members are vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mark Arm, lead guitarist Steve Turner, bassist Guy Maddison, and drummer Dan Peters. Original bassist Matt Lukin left the band in 1999 but briefly returned in 2000 to complete touring obligations. Mudhoney's early releases on Sub Pop; the "Touch Me I'm Sick" single and the Superfuzz Bigmuff EP; were influential in the Seattle music scene, and helped inspire the dirty, high-distortion sound that would characterize grunge.

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Nomadic, hard to describe rock 'n' roll band originally from New Zealand, that moved to Melbourne, Australia, and then on to bigger and better things in London, England, now claim to live in Radelaide. Their music is a quasi-grunge, at times droning, atonal mess of heavily distorted guitars with the occasional tender, almost fragile, near-acoustic sound making it through the turbulence. Contender for the least pretentious band on earth and a powerhouse live.

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There are four bands called Stag:
1) A rock band from Manchester, England
2) StaG, a duo from Los Angeles, California; currently based in Boulder, Colorado
3) A power-pop band from Seattle, Washington
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1) Stag, a three piece rock band from Manchester, England were formed in 2005, although previous collaborations date as far back as 1996 in the incarnations Euthanasia and H8. The line up consists of Rob Clayton, Ollie Jarratt and Rob Owen.

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For More Info On Melbourne Band Iowa Check out Iowa: a place, sure, but also a state of mind. It’s a place somewhere between shoegaze and psychedelia, a spacious soundscape of reverb, feedback and dirty, dirty fuzz that could have provided a home for everyone from Spacemen 3 to the Jesus & Mary Chain. And it’s a state of mind shared by the Melbourne three-piece of the same name.

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