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There are currently 3 bands/artists on LastFM with the title 'Ears'. Read on to find the one you are interested in. Ears from Slovakia:
Ears are Slovak musicians with passion for bright cyborgs. They wrote 3 albums so far. The music is at the edge of electro-alternative and electro-pop. Ears from Australia:
The Ears were a notable part of Melbourne's famous post-punk scene of the early Eighties.

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There are, at least, nine artist by this name: 1) Martinican reggae / folk musician Kali (Jean-Marc Monnerville), was born in Fort-de-France in 1959. After music studies in Paris in the 1970s, Kali returned to Martinique, where he contributed to several local bands, including 6ème Continent (Sixth Continent), which fused the traditional folk music of Martinique with reggae. Kali later decided to pursue a solo career. In 1992 Kali represented France in Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Monté La Riviè".

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FOR SLOVAK BAND FORMERLY KNOWN AS "Abuse", PLEASE REFER TO PAGE "The Autumnist". There are many artist sharing the same moniker. Abuse, former name of electronica / trip-hop band from Slovakia. Abuse is now known as "The Autumnist". Abuse, brutal death / grind band from Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada, formed in 1999.

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There two bands with this name: 1) História skupiny Editor sa dá rozdeliť na tri etapy.
Prvou etapou je obdobie od vzniku skupiny v roku 1988 až do roku 1993. Počas tohoto obdobia skupina vydala štyri demo kazety a jej tvorba sa dala jednoznačne zaradiť do thrash metalovej škatuľky.
Druhou etapou je obdobie od roku 1994, kedy skupine vychádza prvý oficiálne vydaný album "Shut Up!", na ktorom sa skupina predstavuje už nielen vo svojej typickej thrash metalovej podobe, ale svoju hudbu obohacuje aj o prvky hardcoru a punku.

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Cobweb is the most prominent and consistent rock band of Nepal. In 1993, this band from Patan released their first album “Anjaan” which showcased their heavy metal and classic rock influences. Their live shows have always been full of energy and true showmanship.

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