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Anonymeye is the nom de plume of Andrew Tuttle from Brisbane, Australia. As Anonymeye, Tuttle reconfigures various country and folk musics within an abstract sonic framework, utilising electronic and acoustic instrumentation including acoustic guitar, signal processing, synthesisers, and effects units. Anonymeye straddles and blurs boundaries between improvisation and composition, experimentation and pop, acoustic and electronic, rural landscapes and urban landscapes.

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The Orbweavers

Salvaged from the tangled threads of Brunswick’s derelict textile mills, The Orbweavers have been wooing Melbourne with their Twin Peaks-style country folk for the last year, supporting The Spoils, The Dumb Earth and Conway Savage amongst others. Chiming electric guitar, violin, bass & drums, their haunting tunes travel the sea, moon and old forgotten places.

"Folk Noir is a genre that is largely misunderstood. Tags: 
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Birth Glow

A quality product of Adelaide water, three-piece Birth Glow gave ears the shivers with their debut proper release Ultimate Relief, released in 2007 and featuring eight haunted and idiosyncratic interpretations of folk music. Birth Glow unite the levitating lead vocals of Ellen Carey (Fair Maiden, Clue to Kalo, ex-Jemima Jemima), Nick Walton's (Sweet Raxxx) sad baritone and the sparse melodic guitar and drum arrangements of Steph Crase (No Through Road).

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The Maple Trail

Somewhere in the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, Australia, lives Aidan Roberts. He is the primary songwriter, singer and instrumentalist for his pet folk-rock project, The Maple Trail. Sporting a dark beard and curly hair, Aidan spends his time writing and recording music from his home, forging an existence somewhere between serenity and mayhem. The Maple Trail is somewhat of a personal odyssey; a constant musical journey that has traversed the ravines of Sydney’s metropolitan limits...

James Cruickshank

James Cruickshank born in Melbourne in 1962...Moved to Sydney 1978. Around the end of the 80's he found Tex Perkins, Dan Rumour, Ken Gormley and Jim Elliott collectively known as "The Cruel Sea". 2001 the Cruel Sea stopped touring and recording.
In 2003 released his first solo album "Hymn for Her".
2005 with Gyan embarked on a collaboration with the poet/cartoonist/philosopher
Michael Leunig resulting in the album "Billy the rabbit" Tags: 
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Hand Hell

Hand Hell are Kirsty Stegwazi (guitar/vocals), René Schaefer (guitar and bass) and Ricky French (Drums), an independent rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. Hand Hell released their debut album Phonography in 2007. After four years of playing under the moniker The Bites, with a variety of different line-ups, Melbourne songwriters Kirsty Stegwazi and René Schaefer decided it was time to make a fresh start to allow for an expanded musical palette and a fresh approach to writing and recording.

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Kharkov (John Bartley) is an electronic artist from Melbourne Australia. This nom de plume arose in 2005 with his first release, ‘Something Tangible’, on the artist run label, Brother Sister Records. In 2007 John released his second live instrumental offering ‘Guzheng’ and 2009 has seen Kharkov’s latest release ‘Glitch/Space’, a seven inch pressed at Peter Kings DIY plant in New Zealand. This release marks a return to his interests in early minimal techno and ambient music.

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Rand and Holland

Music, or art in any form, is about space. To create a setting that engages with thoughts, ideas, or musings, and unravel them in real time, is to create a masterwork. Through a landscape of calculated interpretation and embraced accidents Caravans, the second album from Sydney’s Rand and Holland, is just that. Developing out of the home recordings of Brett Thompson, Rand and Holland materialized when those offerings became the basis for 2003’s Tomorrow Will Be Like Today (Preservation).

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Woollen Kits

Woollen Kits play a kind of washed-out punk rock that slides a line between Bratmobile, Jonathan Richman and Scratch Acid and have released three home-recorded and handmade EPs on their own Periodic Collective label over the past two years, including a split with Wonderful Fellowship. In 2009 they became a three piece, and continue to play short and catchy pop tunes, shorter and catchier than ever.

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