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The Wild Frontier

The Wild Frontier is a militant religious organisation that operates under the guise of a band. Digging under the surface of their sickly sweet pop and prolix power ballads you will discover a festering underbelly of religious zeal and the desire to install theocratic rule in the inner-shire of Sydney, Australia. Putting aside their subversive religo-political agenda The Wild Frontier are an interesting and well loved band that like warm fires, cuddles and belly rubs.

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Ange Takats

National Folk Festival winner of the 2008 Lis Johnston Award for vocal excellence, Ange Takats' voice has been described as Joan Baez meets Gillian Welch. Her debut album Aniseed Tea tells stories of knitting, longing and lovely Irishmen. Born in Sydney but now based on the Sunny Coast, Ange somehow managed to begin her musical journey in Bangkok where she was based for two years as a foreign correspondent.

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Loene Carmen

Loene Carmen may well be Australia’s queen of underground rock’n’roll. A bona fide original, a songwriter extraordinaire and a true sonic explorer, equally at ease with ramshackle rock’n’roll, lo fi late night country blues, broken bedroom funk, slinky lounge and old fashioned Muscle Shoals soul as proven by her array of musical projects . Don Walker eloquently described her as “like Marilyn Monroe singing the songs of Bob Dylan or Lou Reed in a Vegas casino...except Loene writes her own...”.

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Wagons is an alt country band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2000. Wagons was initially introduced as the banner under which charismatic singer, guitarist and songwriter Henry Wagons performed his skewed take on country music. Initially accompanied just by drummer and percussionist Mark 'Tuckerbag' Dawson, over time Wagons swelled to include guitarist Richard Blazé, bassist and backing vocalist Steve 'Harmony' Hassett (also an occasional co-songwriter), drummer and washboardist Si 'the Philanthropist' Francis, and most recently keyboardist Matty 'Soft Moods' Hassett.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Lucero is an American punk/country infused rock band that is based in Memphis, Tennessee. 2) Lucero, Mexican actress and singing sensation. 1) Lucero's punk rock roots flavor their now "country-ish" music, while their Southern roots give them the twang that they have come to be known by. The band played for the first time in early 1998. Since 2001, they have played between 150 and 200 shows a year across the United States and Canada. They have released seven full-length albums, the latest entitled 1372 Overton Park.

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