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The Quickening

The Quickening were borne a 3 piece punk band some 12 years ago in Brisbane Australia, and for that reason have had trouble shaking their image as a punk band, all be it a increasingly outdated one.
The Quickening have always been renouned for their technical proficency, both in a live and recorded capacity. The addition of a 2nd guitarist in 2007 gave the band an opportunity to solidify their technical prowess and develop their ever broardening style. And to be cocks....

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Rise For November

Rise for November are one of the most pissed off and heavy bands out there today, our aim is to bring the heaviest mosh tunes to the stage and shake the ground with our brutality and bone crushing breakdowns. R4N was born in mid 2009, since our insertion we have played 40 + shows and been on 4 tours in just 8 months with many awesome bands from around Australia. We have big plans for 2010..2011 which include extensive touring around OZ, touring Asia at the end of 2010 as well as recording in the United States in early 2011.

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4ARM are a Melbourne Groove / Thrash metal band with a mixture of influences such as Metallica, Machine Head, and Testament. Since 2004 have been musically distinctive, aggressive and explosive. 2005 saw the band release their debut full length album entitled '13 Scars', which led to a nomination in the top 5 Metal Bands at the 2006 Music Oz Awards. Danny Tomb and Andy Hinterreiter signed national endorsement deals with Randall Amplifiers, Mesa Engineering, ESP Guitars and Dean Markley strings.

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A Night In Texas

A Night in Texas are a technical cockcore band blowing from Cairns, Queensland. Are influenced by The Red Shore, Thy Art Is Murder, Make Them Suffer, Chelsea Grin, men and smoking weed. Members
Carlos Hicks - Vocals
Cory Judd - Guitar
Angus Gasson - Guitar
Rick Fieldhouse - Drums
Luke Adkins - Bass

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Old Ghosts

Hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY. Formed in early 2011, former members of Dead Hearts, xEnvyx, The Control, The Grail and The Pavers.
<a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?bem7b22deud4fxl" rel="nofollow">www.mediafire.com/?bem7b22deud4fxl</a> 2011 demo
<a href="http://old-ghosts.bandcamp.com" rel="nofollow">http://old-ghosts.bandcamp.com</a> website Harks from the West Country, The River Kennet Delta. There is also a band from London sharing this name, as well as a progressive post-hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.


Hailing from Geelong, Victoria, ‘Dawn of Retribution’ blends death metal and thrash metal with melodic overtones to create an uncompromising aural experience. Coupled with their crushing live performance, the band is quickly carving their reputation into Australia's metal scene. The band features members with a truckload of experience from various other projects including ‘Befallen’, ‘Intrepid’, ‘Veil of Anguish’, ‘Scale’ and ‘Dominaeon’. Combining these separate experiences and styles has helped forge a fresh perspective on metal with a crushing delivery.

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