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Total Control

1) Total Control was a French punk band in the 90's. 2) A garage rock band featuring members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Straightjacket Nation, UV Race. 3) Total Control is an eurodance act from Germany.

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XDream is a dance project from Austria. It was produced by DJ Earl Jam and Key West.
It featured Todd doing raps and Shirley as female vocalist.
Singles: "Can You Feel The Rhythm?" Tags: 
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First Base

There are several bands named First Base: 1) A German <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">eurodance</a> act consisting of Tina Safrany (Victoria) and rapper MC Flash. Behind the group is producer Mike Wonder AKA 'DJ Wondermike'.
Singles: "Love Is Paradise" and "Can You Keep A Secret?". 2) A lo-fi <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">pop</a> band from Toronto, Ontario who has been released on Pizza Party Records, and soon to be Play Pinball Records. 3) A <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">pop punk</a> band from Melbourne, Australia.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 4) A Malaysian <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">hardcore</a> outfit with members of Eleven, Kids On The Move, and Kias Fansuri.

Eiffel 65

Eiffel 65 is an Italian eurodance group, formed by producers/composers Jeffrey Jey (also vocals), Maurizio Lobina and Gabry Ponte. All three members are from the city of Turin (Italy). The name of the group came from a random word generator that produced the word "Eiffel". The "65" was added as a mistake: part of a phone number scribbled on a demo by accident. Their greatest worldwide success came with their first single "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" from their 1999 album Europop.

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Marina & the Diamonds

She is Marina, you are her Diamonds. Marina Lambrini Diamandis (Greek: Μαρίνα-Λαμπρινή Διαμάντη, pronounced /diːəˈmændi/ dee-a-man-dee, born 10 October 1985 in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom), better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer of Greek descent. Despite the name, Marina is a solo act, with the "Diamonds" being what she refers to as her fans. Marina released her first single, (a double A-side single 'Obsessions / Mowgli's Road') through Neon Gold Records on Valentines Day, 2009, closely followed by "The Crown Jewels EP" in June 2009.

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Mystic Eyes

1- Mystic Eyes is a Reggae band, that was created and produced by Linval Thompson. Mystic Eyes released the album "Mysterious". 2- Mystic Eyes is a Spanish dance project, that was produced and arranged by Raul Nacher. Mystic Eyes released the singles "Give Me", "A Mirage" or "The Rain". 3- Mystic Eyes is a Rock band consisting of Craig Davison, and Scott Davison. They released the album "The Whole World Is Watching".

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) VAN is a Hungarian genre overlapping folk-rock band formed in 2008. Members: András Ibrányi, Gábor Márton, Roland Dickmann, Roland Karosi and Szabolcs Karácsonyi. Official website: 2) Van is a Sheffield indie band formed in 2006 3) Van is a Polish electronic band founded in 1995. 4) VAN is also a Swedish eurodance group, which released on 'Stockholm Records'. They Hit charts with 'Ice Got My Love' & 'Winter In Paradise'. Members: Anders Hansson, Johan Åberg, Pär Lönn and Thérèse Engdahl.

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1.) A hardcore duo from DC with two former members of Mass Movement of the Moth. 2.) Ingrid was named after the famous film star, Ingrid Bergman. Her parents ran a cinema (and still do) and Ingrid grew up watching movies which she says were a major influence on her decision to become a singer. Films sparked her imagination and fuelled her ambition to communicate strong emotions to as many people as possible.

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