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The Storm Picturesque are a metalcore band from Newcastle, Australia Exert From Myspace page:
We are a metal band from Newcastle, trying our best to breathe life into a stale genre. We are not an image. We are not trend driven. We create music that we want to hear and that we enjoy listening to. All of us are still young, and hope that you can enjoy our music as we mature as both people and musicians.

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In Trenches

Born in 2008, In Trenches began sprouting from the ashen soil of I Killed the Prom Queen and Day of Contempt.
Yet far from an extension of past efforts, the time dormant has let their resolve fester into an entirely more intense creature, still grounded in heavy hardcore, but earthier, dirtier and spitting discordance.
Misshapen riffs twist as if trying to escape before being shattered into an abrasive breakdown, or a moment of ambient clarity.

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Adrian - Vocals
Simon - Bass
Jonny - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Nic - Drums Strong new metalcore band from western Sydney. On the rise very fast and becoming well known for their great live performances. Currently writing their followup to "Hollow Existence", a full-length album called "Discoveries"

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Asleep In The Light

Asleep in the Light was formed in 2010 when members Nico (vocals) and Jolan (Guitar) had the idea to start a band. The music then started coming together as Monty (Bass) and Tim (Drums) were added to the band. Paul (Guitar) was the last member to complete the 5-piece band preparing the way for shows in 2011. Asleep in the Light will be planning on releasing their highly anticipated EP in 2011. Look out for a show near you soon and be sure to come say hi.


There have been two Australian bands named Ironhide. A new band from Brisbane, Australia. Spearheaded by two frantic vocalists, the band plays dissonant and chaotic, yet refined and catchy metal of varying forward-thinking influences such as The Red Chord, Converge, and Misery Signals. Here to have fun. Members and ex-members of The Surrogate, Ryu Vs Ken, Western Decay, Dandelion, Stabbedintheguts, The Vanguard Tic, Naked Burn and Cross The Lips Of Grace. Debut release coming in 2010. ~

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