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Luke Hoskins has been making this particular sort of music under the name of dRillbit since 2003.
He has appeared on numerous compilation cds and has also released 6 of his own official dRillbit releases: Facebreaks album 2005 (Noise Machine : NOISE:005),
The extreme ultra violence EP (Noise Machine : NICE : 002
The Cheap Arse Shitcore EP Or The Shit Arse Cheapcore EP(God Rekidz : GOD103)
DRILLBIT is SHITHEAD Album, 2006 (Noise Machine NOISE : 008)

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Polyfox and the Union of the most ghosts

A fox wanders into a grey forest, the grey forest inspires in the fox heart the polychameleon elements of its fox circulatory system, lighting fires of forest greens through its fox fur. This causes splinters of fox colour to shoot like arrows from the tips of the fox fur printing the surrounding forest in fox colours. Mini and big fox alike become lost in the fox foliage. The whole grey forest is as though it is wearing a fox fur coat.

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Formed in 2003 in Newcastle, Australia, Grannyfist started as a 2 piece blast/grind/noise band, featuring Granny (Luke Hoskins) on guitar/vocals/samples and Saint Fistopher (Paul McIntyre) on drums and backing vocals, with the occasional noise and vocal contributions from Cut Off Bloody Hand (Matthew Close).
Other people did guest appearences on recordings, but the core line up was with Granny and Saint Fistopher.

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Run Squirrel

Run Squirrel is a 4 piece rock outfit from Newcastle, Australia. Featuring members from many other well known Newcastle folk, punk, post-hardcore and metal bands (Like... Alaska, Captain My Captain, Caverns, Bats & Battleships) their eclectic tastes mash together to form a cohesive and intense sound akin to At The Drive-In, Brand New and other bands in and around the various "post" genres.

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