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Numerous artists have used the name Machine, including: 1. HAKUEI (vocals) and Kiyoshi's (guitar) duo. Started in 1999. Hakuei's also PENICILLIN's vocalist and has a solo career, Kiyoshi has been in bands like media youth and Spread Beaver, as well as on a solo career. Machine began making fast, hard rock with a large emphasis on layers of post-production electronic work. As time progressed, Machine began to focus on a more straight-rock sound, while still incorporating elements of their older material sporadically.

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There are multiple artists under the name Fatima: 1. Fatima was an indie visual kei band in Japan, created in 1998 and active until 2005. The band's sound and style was deemed 'sexy and extravagant', coupled with lyrics that were thought-provoking and a frontman who always seemed an enigma in himself. Fatima's final line-up consisted of: Kanoma (first known as Hitomi, later Sanaka) on vocals, Mizuha and 4ge (pronounced Shi-ge) on guitar, Lay on bass, and Towa on drums. The band released 9 singles and maxi singles, one full album entitled Exit, and one live DVD before disbanding in 2005.