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Red Hot Summer Tour 2021

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13 Nov 2021
Heinz Street
Ascot , Victoria
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Artists Performing at this Event

Jimmy Barnes (b. 1956) is an Australian rock singer.

-- Not to be confused with the Spanish band The Gurus Hoodoo Gurus (sometimes just shortened to 'Gurus') are an Australian rock band which used influences from seventies power pop, bubblegum pop,

Jon Stevens (1962- ) is a New Zealand-born singer, now an Australian citizen.

Diesel is an up-and-coming dubstep producer from the UK who often distributes his music through Inspector Dubplate. Characterized by insanely tweaked percussion and fiercely filthy basslines.

Vika & Linda are an Australian vocal duo of Vika Susan Bull (born 1966) and her younger sister, Linda Rose Bull.