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Mensah (full name Mensah Anderson), is a producer from Bristol, UK. Bringing to bass music what he likes to call "Future Funk" (though he is not a fan of labeling music), he's been combining his influences from Rave, Grime and Dubstep to produce anything from an upbeat purple sound to a darker, heavier bass. With one release on LoDubs Records so far, he has a release with No Hats No Hoods coming in January 2010 and multiple releases with H.E.N.C.H. expected to drop in March 2010. Tags: 

Carmen Townsend

From her website "Growing up on Cape Breton Island, Carmen’s love affair with music began early. By age six she was locking herself in her dad’s Chevy and singing along to The Doors. Experimentation with piano and guitar soon led to formal lessons while the discovery at age fourteen of the talents of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Blind Melon and Nirvana unearthed an obsession with innovative vocal styles. Solo performances at variety shows eventually lead to a gig as lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player for indie pop quartet Q. Tags: 
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Blkout are a hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia, Australia formed in 2007. Originally the band was signed to Perth label Suppression Records, however, just before the release of their debut LP Total Depravity in mid 2009, they signed to Australia's long serving, and arguably best hardcore/punk label, Resist Records. Blkout have supported numerous international and Australian bands on tour, including Parkway Drive, Rise and Fall, Miles Away, Fc Five, 50 Lions, Break Even and Trash Talk among others.

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