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The Sedan Vault

‘We spread communism by the gallon of gasoline.’ It could be a quote from the German militant group RAF but it is the first line of Vanguard, the second album of experimental rock band The Sedan Vault. This new record shows a developed group that goes beyond the usual punk and rock influences. Vanguard has got groove, harmony, songs and punch line lyrics. The Sedan Vault hail from the city of Sterrebeek in Belgium.

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There is more than one artist named Collapsed: 1. A melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.
2. Collapsed is trash metal band from Texas openly influenced by such bands as Trap Them, Thumbscrew, Modern Life Is War, Orchid, and American Nightmare
3. Collapsed is a five-piece metalcore band and is trashing turmoil in the Tielt Area (Belgium). Since the start in February 2005 Collapsed played mini festivals and small clubshows, in their first year Collapsed shared stages with bands such as Arkangel, Morda, Severance, Liar, Flatcat, Chimeara and The Setup.

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We are a modern Hardcore/Death Metal band from north coast Perth Australia. We do not want our music to be seen as a common sound nor an alternate evil, but merely a channel for people to be proactive, a movement from this ever evolving sedentary lifestyle. You know no one better than yourself, so persist if you are going to try, pick yourself up when you're down, and don't let anyone push you around. We won't settle for second best. I swear, this is only the beginning.

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The Subs

Rambunctious. That's the least you can say about Belgian beatbastards The Subs. Having already released a couple of underground dance maxis - 'You Make Me Spill', 'Fuck That Shit', 'Substracktion' - over the past years, they hit it hard in 2008, with 'Kiss My Trance', a punktrance-juggernaut of a hitsingle.
The track started off as a joke, the band wanted to see how far they could push the limits of the trance-genre and get away with it.

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There is more than one band/artist with this name: 1. dEUS are an alternative/experimental rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium, with different line-ups, but always including singer and guitarist Tom Barman and Klaas Janszoons playing the violin and keyboard. Many musicians became well-known after having been members of dEUS: Stef-Kamil Carlens (Moondog Jr., Zita Swoon), Rudy Trouvé (Kiss My Jazz), Danny Mommens (Vive la Fête), Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes), Jules de Borgher and Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, solo).

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Sound of Stereo

Sound Of Stereo interview: - Who is Sound Of Stereo?
Sound Of Stereo is 2 guys from Brussels, Belgium. We met two years ago on an internet community where we were diggin' the same music. We started talking and came to the conclusion that we lived only a few miles away from each other. I - Jochen - was already doing some production work and my partner in crime - Vincent - was already deejaying in the neighbourhood. We were both quite good at what we did, but we didn't have a way to promote ourselves. That changed when we decided to do stuff together.

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