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The Dad Horse Experience

Dad Horse Ottn was a hellraiser and a punk rock scoundrel till, one day, he saw the light. The banjo light. And, drawing from southern Appalachian gospel and from the depths of his own scarred soul, he started to preach the Word through rough pure honest song. He calls it KELLER GOSPEL for it's meant to shine into the darkness of basements and other godforsaken places or souls.
What's he playing? First and foremost, there's the voice. Then we've got strong archaic banjo, and a rich bass via the fotdella bass pedal, which is an unusual foot-operated organ.

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Moriarty is a Franco-american music group founded in 1995. It is made up of 5 artists of French, American, Swiss, and Vietnamese origins. The members of the group were mainly raised in France. The group named itself Moriarty in honor of Dean Moriarty, the hero of On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Previously, the groupe had three other members: the singer Charlène Dupuy, the drummer Médéric de Vanssay, and the saxophonist Davide Woods. Rosemary Standley, Arthur B. Gillette, Thomas Puéchavy, Charles Carmignac, and Stephan Zimmerli are the current group members.

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Leader Cheetah

PHARAOHS died, LEADER CHEETAH was born. That's the basics. Dan Crannitch spent the last few months of '06 writing and recording melodies to his mobile phone. Around New Years he assembled this ragtag bunch of misfits – showed them the sonics and LEADER CHEETAH started taking shape. Younger brother Joel on drums, ex-BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE frontman Dan Pash on guitar and childhood friend Mark Harding on bass.

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